WTF?! Razer’s headsets boast many spectacular ideas, nonetheless it looks the company forgot to indicate that they’re bulletproof. The seemingly plausible assert comes from a Redditor who says his lifestyles used to be saved by one in all the peripherals when it stopped a stray bullet.

Enough_Dance_956’s ‘Razed saved my lifestyles…..’ publish involves several photos of what looks to be a bullet gap in his window and a damaged Razer headset. In accordance with the 18-year-veteran, who lives in Torrance, California, a stray bullet got right here via the glass final Wednesday and ricocheted off the headset they had been sporting on the time. The projectile used to be deflected true into a wall sooner than it landed on the mattress.

The headset in seek facts from used to be the customary Razer Kraken. Having never shot any ourselves, it’s onerous to test their skill to deflect a bullet, even though the photos counsel it perforated the outer self-discipline subject and bounced off the metal interior. Enough_Dance_956 writes that they filed a police document and authorities took the bullet.

Being the acquire, this could presumably all be an elaborate hoax, especially if you happen to suspect about it used to be posted on April 1. Some commentators narrate there’s no corresponding gap within the mesh on the help of the window, nonetheless closer inspection shows it has crooked and warped. Others seek facts from whether a bullet that allegedly got right here from a block away could presumably enter the window at such an perspective. It is furthermore effectively-known that if a stray bullet in actual fact did flit via the glass, it would contain traveled over the wearer’s head had they no longer been sporting the Krakens, given where it entered the headphones’ band.

If the incident in actual fact did occur, it would contain carried more believability if the poster did no longer wait till April 1 to picture it on Reddit. Nonetheless, a Razer Kraken representative offered to replace the $79 headset, nonetheless Enough_Dance_956 refused, saying they proper wished to thank the company.

Procedure help in 2016, a ragged Nokia executive claimed that a Nokia 301, first launched in 2013, saved a person in Afghanistan by stopping a bullet. Disgrace it wasn’t a Nokia 3310, which would contain most likely deflected it help to the shooter.

h/t: Windows Central


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