Some QAnon advocates are still backing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, even after she declared that she did not think the “false information, lies, things that were not true” spread by the motion.

Greene, who posted comments on Facebook about a “global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles” as far back as August 2017, said she “stumbled across” QAnon that year and started asking questions about it on social media.

Amongst Greene’s incendiary social media posts are tips that the Parkland and Sandy Hook school massacres were fake and the 9/11 terror attacks were staged.

The motion to eliminate her from committees was passed by 230 votes to 199, with 11 Republican legislators supporting it. Some QAnon believers have actually now turned their fire on those GOP agents.

On the Telegram encrypted messaging service preferred by QAnon supporters, user Olive Oil wrote a message pricing quote one of the movement’s slogans: “Just keep in mind Where We Go One We Go ALL. We support you! You are not alone … stand strong, stand happy and never ever pull back and never let them see you sweat.”

Awful67 composed on Telegram: “ Nooo!!! What a joke! They must be doing some actually bad things we don’t even know about for them to feel so threatened and taking such desperate actions to prevent from being caught.”

” Bunch of scoundrel traitors!” composed Dorcas Rojas.

” It’s so sickening that a few of the Republicans voted versus her,” included another Telegram user named Happiness.

Not everybody, nevertheless, was rallying behind Greene, who stated she had decided to “select another path” when asked about her beliefs in QAnon throughout her election campaign.

Travis Saizan composed: “She folded like a cheap chair at the first sign of resistance. I ‘d rather have them expel me entirely and go house with my head held high than quit my beliefs. They were never hers, she simply ran on the coattails of our movement. I will forget she was ever my countryman.”

Leslie M added: “I hope you can explain why you turned your grassroots base versus you. I championed you … then you caved and turned on the fact.”

Greene’s history with QAnon is a catch-22 for the GOP. If the party completely knocks her, it risks losing the assistance of perhaps millions of people who have been radicalized by the conspiracy theory and elected Donald Trump since of it.

If it does not, the party could alienate its moderate support and forever be linked to an extremist motion whose members are accused of storming the Capitol in an effort to assassinate chosen authorities.

After the 11 Republicans voted to expel Greene, numerous QAnon advocates went over the production of a brand-new political party– potentially headed by Trump– that they would join after being declined by the GOP.

” We are losing a great senator today Marjorie Greene. She represented the Constitution and the People of United States and was tossed out by the overload. We the People require to take our nation back,” Abel Perales wrote on Telegram, including that she would “come back with vengeance” in the brand-new party.

” Time to leave the Republican Politician Party; go Independent; send out no money to the RNC, or Republican Politician Senators,” wrote another Telegram user, Debbie, after the vote. “Time to think about a Third Party because both Celebrations have failed us!!! Doomed now and will be in 2022 with these Rhinos [RINOs, or Republicans in name only].”

Lulu Murphy said: “She’ll be excellent for the new Republic! With most of the goons going to Gitmo hotel, she’ll have a plum area someplace.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia leaves her workplace on Capitol Hill on February 3. Some QAnon fans have knocked her for distancing herself from the motion.


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