TL; DR: It appears that Sony has a substantial lead in next-gen console sales versus Microsoft. Up until now, the PlayStation 5 moved nearly two times as many systems as the Xbox Series X S. Worldwide, the PS5 is the preferred console in all however 12 nations. However, the United States and China preferred the XBSX.

The next-generation console war is not over, however 2020 sales figures remain in, and Sony’s PlayStation 5 has taken a commanding lead over Xbox Series X in terms of market share. Market analysis group GamingSmart keeps in mind that since the end of December, PS5 commands almost two-thirds of the market with 4.48 million in sales versus 2.4 million next-gen Xbox systems moved. Analysts had actually forecasted the reverse back in October based on perceived consumer interest.

PlayStation likewise dominated sales in nearly all 167 countries evaluated. Xbox only led in 12 regions. That stated, Microsoft did edge out Sony in 2 substantial markets, the United States and China. In the US, Xbox barely hangs on to a lead over the PS5, 50.18 to 49.80 percent. Its dominance in China is a bit more concrete, where it has 60.45 percent saturation. Microsoft also commands the Mexico market, 62.27 percent to 37.73 percent.

Regardless of Sony’s commanding lead, Microsoft has been slowly picking up speed in the console market over the last few years. In 2018, Xbox consoles comprised 25.29 percent of the pie. By 2019, it had actually increased its cut to 37.41 In 2020, the overall Xbox market share was 39.29 percent. If Microsoft continues this upward trend, it might reach its competitor.

There is also the uncommon launch conditions that the companies dealt with for this generation to consider. The coronavirus pandemic shook off production schedules, so supplies for both consoles were most likely not as high as either group would have liked. There likewise appeared to be a significant boost in scalper activity than in past generations. Those two aspects handled to drive resales of next-gen consoles into the $1,000 range on websites like eBay.

As we head into 2021, things are likely to calm down a bit. Both Sony and Microsoft have promised bigger and more frequent deliveries, which ought to drive scalper prices down as schedule through retail outlets boosts.

Image credit: GamingSmart


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