Priyanka Chopra put on a fashion program in four attires for ‘the new style mogul’: a miniature Italian greyhound called Tika the Iggy, who has one million TikTok followers.

Priyanka Chopra wished to look her best for the actress’s “virtual press tour,” so she relied on among the most fashionable influencers: a miniature Italian greyhound called Tika the Iggy “Hello Tika I hear you’re the new style mogul … can I get your opinion?” Priyanka stated in a FaceTime “call” with the trendy pooch, who was wearing a puffy pink sweater as if she will go to an art gallery watching. Tika gladly replied, “I would love nothing more than to assist you Priyanka.”

Up was a zebra dress from St. John, with matching striped heels from Jennifer Chamandi and jewelry from Jennifer Fisher Tika’s evaluation?

Tika was simply as complimentary about the 3 other outfits that Priyanka did an at-home catwalk in. There was a Christian Siriano gown including a blazer-like bodice and full tulle skirt, a plaid tweed coat and denim skirt set from Isabel Marant, and Halpern‘s iconic “orb” dress (the exact same one Gemma Chan wore on the cover of Elle). Naturally, Tika had on just as stylish an attire for each ensemble that Priyanka designed (as expected of a pet with one million Instagram followers).

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra is a style queen: she’s pictured here in a satin champagne dress from Nicolas Jebran at the Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammys Gala in Jan.2020 (Picture Credit: SplashNews)

Tika was extremely generous with her compliments, and even asked if she might “borrow” one of the Isn’t It Romantic star’s clothing for the pooch’s “next Zoom conference.” The high-fashion doggie wasn’t as kind, however, when Priyanka’s dog Diana Chopra Jonas(who also rocked her own clothing) declared, “I am Vogue‘s finest dressed mommy!” To that, Tika stated, “Um, I believe you need a little practice Diana.”

Naturally, there wasn’t in fact a talking canine in the video. Tika was voiced by voice artist/comedian Lorena Pages, who does the voice for all those funny cat videos you see on TikTok.

However, Priyanka’s “virtual press tour” has actually been a really genuine thing! The Bollywood star has released a memoir called Incomplete on Feb. 9, which she has been promoting in a virtual U.S. book tour. Nick Jonas signed up with Priyanka for among these live event conversations, who recently opened up about the number of kids he wish to have with his better half one day.


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