Personal First Class Christian Alvarado of Fort Bliss, Texas was charged with 3 counts at a Thursday court-martial hearing, consisting of the sexual assault of a soldier who was discovered dead in her barracks months after the supposed assault.

Alvarado apparently sexually assaulted Personal Very first Class Asia Graham in December 2019.

Alvarado deals with charges of sexual assault, aggravated assault and lying while supplying an official statement. fort bliss court martial sexual assault

A soldier at Fort Happiness, Texas was arraigned Thursday on charges of sexual assault, including the assault of another soldier who was discovered dead in her barracks on New Year’s Eve.
Joe Raedle/Getty

According to data from the U.S. Department of Defense, 6,236 formal sexual attack complaints were gotten by Armed force Providers in the financial year 2019, a 3 percent increase of similarly themed reports in the fiscal year 2018.

After the murder of Expert Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood, Texas, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy called for an independent research study of supposed sexual improprieties at the setup.

McCarthy stated during an August 2020 press conference that the Army would “put every resource and all of the energy we can in this entire institution behind repairing” the environment that promoted inappropriate sexual behavior.

Outcomes of the civilian-led independent research study showed that lots of soldiers feared retaliation from higher-ups for reporting sexual attacks or instances of harassment. McCarthy described the findings as “absolutely inappropriate.”

In response to the results of the independent evaluation, McCarthy revealed in December 2020 that 14 members of Fort Hood leadership would be either eliminated of duty or suspended.

” This is not about metrics,” McCarthy stated, “but about having the capability to have the human decency to show compassion for our colleagues and to look out for the very best interests of our soldiers.”


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