The popular– and questionable– YouTuber PewDiePie has recently stopped revealing his face in videos, choosing to use avatars rather. While it appears that PewDiePie, whose genuine name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is only momentarily welcoming the Virtual YouTuber look, some fans and members of the “V-Tuber” community have actually expressed issue about him glomming onto their subculture– particularly due to the fact that of PewDiePie’s track record and racist language that he’s used in the past.

☄ (@laureIthrone) January 25, 2021

Real pewdiepie fans are entering into my comments and quote rts and I actually give 0 shit about context that guy is an antisemitic racist piece of shit and If I wan na make fun of him I’m permitted to he would call me a slur if he had the opportunity I know it

— Nyala (@Snailzz69) January 26, 2021

might we perhaps not commemorate pewdiepie signing up with the vtuber community when he’s racist and anti-semitic

— Lumine ENVtuber (Pre-debut) (@LumineTheWitch) January 26, 2021

A V-Tuber called Lillie informed Newsweek in a Twitter DM that she does not believe that PewDiePie is taking V-Tubing seriously, offered the quality of his avatar, nor does she think that he plans to interact with the community much. She stated that speaking out versus him is more about making a declaration about what V-Tubers value.

” I personally feel that condemning Pewdiepie for his long history of doing something racist, apologizing and promising to do better, and after that doing it again while protectors claim that he’s ‘changed’ with little proof to back it up is essential not to actually daunt Pewdiepie [sic] into pulling back (because eventually it does not harm any of us if he wishes to stream with a 3d design) but rather to declare that our neighborhood does not tolerate that sort of conduct. Enabling those type of beliefs and mindsets to fester due to a policy of ‘staying out of politics’ in a community is how you lead to toxic, hateful neighborhoods where marginalized individuals feel hazardous,” she wrote.

PewDiePie’s fans appeared unfazed about the YouTuber’s abrupt facelessness and have actually primarily appeared to make memes out of the avatars that he’s been using. They have reacted to criticism by informing V-Tubers and their fans to get offline. “If your [sic] letting the actions of one person on the internet control your entire life. You need to leave the internet. Stop residing in the mind set that the web is as great as a rose. because there is always thorns,” a single person composed on Twitter recently.

I see all these people mad at PewDiePie for this. And honestly. If your letting the actions of a single person on the internet control your entire life. You need to get off the web. Stop residing in the mind set that the internet is as good as a rose. because there is always thorns

— DaddyBoro (@BoroDaddy) January 26, 2021

The Twitter account VTuber & VTuber Fan Cringe shared screenshots of tweets from members of the V-Tube community who are upset about PewDiePie’s present bit. In one tweet, the account called the V-Tuber fans’ response a “cumulative derangement.”

In a Twitter DM to Newsweek, VTuber Cringe stated that responses amongst the community have actually been blended. Regardless of some people being disturbed, there are V-Tubers who see PewDiePie bringing a new audience to their corner of YouTube.

” A great deal of the reactions from the English-speaking community of VTubers has actually been mainly positive with individuals supporting his VTuber look. Some even appreciating that somebody with his social media existence and influence is shining a light on the neighborhood and exposing it to a broader audience,” VTuber Cringe composed. “On the unfavorable side of things, there are likewise other VTubers that raise the past controversies he’s been involved with and believe that his fans will bring negativity and bad behavior with him into the neighborhood. The latter group is much smaller sized than the previous, nevertheless, they are extremely vocal about their issues with PewDiePie.”

VTuber Cringe also kept in mind that there might be “bad stars” in PewDiePie’s fanbase who “bother” people who opposed the YouTuber’s existence. “That is the unfortunate nature of huge fan bases and the Web,” they composed.

Lillie composed that PewDiePie’s fans who do dig much deeper into V-Tubing might actually be the ones who identify what his presence implies for the neighborhood as entire. She didn’t sound hopeful. “I can just see it injuring people like me who do not have a substantial following and are much more most likely to be targeted by harassment from the more reactionary parts of the existing vtuber fandom and a possible increase of pewdiepie’s most determined defenders,” she predicted.

A few other individuals online have actually compared this most current debate to a comparable reaction that banner Pokimane received when she began utilizing an avatar in some of her videos in September2020 Someone contacted fans to just let the YouTubers produce material that they take pleasure in, without gatekeeping them from the V-Tuber community.

am i out of line for stating that people being upset that pewdiepie is utilizing a vtuber design are probably the exact same individuals who got upset about pokimane for doing it? let them do it. it’s enjoyable. they aren’t hurting anyone.

— ivory. (@_ivorybun) January 26, 2021

Newsweek reached out to PewDiePie through the contact e-mail on his YouTube channel for remark, but did not receive a reaction in time for publication.

Pewdiepie Anime Avatar YouTube V-Tube
A screenshot of YouTuber PewDiePie’s avatar from his video “I Did A DNA Test … (I Think Im Cancelled Now).”


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