Educators at the Wesley School, a personal school situated in Los Angeles, got the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine despite the guidelines of the county’s health department.

The school’s success in obtaining the vaccine for its instructors contradicted Los Angeles County’s vaccine policy.

Los Angeles is presently experiencing a vaccine scarcity and five of the area’s COVID vaccine websites, including Dodger Arena, momentarily closed as a result.
A nurse is shown above administering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles, California on February 10,2021 Teachers at the Wesley School received the first dosage of the coronavirus vaccine despite the standards of the county’s health department.
Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images/Getty

” When the health center notified us that the vaccine was offered, some of our teachers arranged consultations and got the very first dosage of the vaccine,” the school added.

Public school moms and dads were distressed that the personal school instructors were able to acquire the vaccine before other instructors.

The public schools of Los Angeles Unified School District turned down the medical center’s deal for the vaccines due to concerns that it went against the health department’s standards.


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