Desired more Patrick Dempsey? Well, you remain in luck.

Less than a week after he surprised Grey’s Anatomy fans by returning for the season 17 best, the 54- year-old star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Program and teased whether he ‘d be making any future appearances on the medical drama.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked the star the number of more episodes he’ll remain in, Dempsey didn’t offer a straight answer. Although, he suggested this wasn’t the last time fans would see McDreamy.

” I’m not sure how many,” he responded during the Nov. 18 episode.

ABC currently confirmed Dempsey will appear in this week’s episode, so fans can ideally learn more after recently’s surprising end.

In case you missed it, the Nov. 12 season best concluded with Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd reuniting with Ellen Pompeo‘s Meredith Grey on a beach in a dream-like sequence, making it the first time he ‘d been on the show considering that his character’s death in 2015.

The scene occurred quickly after Meredith was discovered collapsed in a car park at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Previously in the episode, fans viewed the health center’s group face challenges amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, including not having enough PPE and dealing with the number of COVID-19 deaths.

As for how the concept for his return came about, Dempsey stated he connected to Pompeo to satisfy up over the summer.

” We were like, ‘What can we do to get individuals to use masks? How can we make an impact here?'” he recalled. “We had not spoken in rather a long time. So, we’re playing catch-up and she goes, ‘What do you think of returning onto the program? Here’s our idea of what we wish to do for season 17.'”

Naturally, he was game. “I resembled, ‘What a great chance for individuals and how great it would be for the fans actually to see everybody reunited in this sort of unusual way,'” he included. “And to the credit of the writers, [showrunner] Krista[Vernoff] came up with this idea where I would visit her in her COVID dream.”

However, his return was top-secret, with simply Pompeo, Vernoff, directors Debbie Allen and Kevin McKidd and a handful of people at ABC knowing. ” That was it,” he told DeGeneres. “And nobody understood until I showed up on set that day. And after that we were actually worried that somebody would take a picture, or it would go out in some way. But we managed to keep it a trick, which was pretty phenomenal.”

For Dempsey, the reaction has been “frustrating and really moving.”

” It was nice for it to be able to work out this way,” he continued. “In the pandemic, people are having actually intense dreams since of the lockdown.

Quickly after, the entire scene came together for her.

Fans can see how this season plays out by watching Grey’s Anatomy Thursday nights on ABC.

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