In late 2018, when “Old Town Roadway” was very first gaining steam on TikTok and other online platforms, discussions arose around the nature its rise. Was it a meme with a BPM? A smart little bit of web culture come alive with a Nine Inch Nails sample? The apotheosis of the yeehaw agenda?

The response was likely yes to all, and the outcome became famous: After Billy Ray Cyrus hopped on the remix, Lil Nas X’s country-trap struck reached No. 1 and eventually became the longest-running tune on top area of the chart in its history. Why bring this all up now? Well, there’s a brand-new No. 1 in town, and its incredibly sped up and much-celebrated success recalls a little the rise of “Old Town Road,” though the 2 songs could not sound more various.

It’s also become one of the most-streamed new tunes in history, racking up 76.1 million plays in the United States in a week and marking a brand-new weekly finest. Additionally, “Drivers License” is the most-streamed song since Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” in August.

Fans of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series already know Rodrigo and her skills, and her song “All I Want” from the show was Rodrigo’s first Hot 100 hit back in January2020 Her starring function most likely helped propel “Drivers License” right out of eviction, along with the song’s much-discussed backstory involving her rumored relationship with co-star Joshua Bassett and the seeming referrals hinted at in the lyrics.

There’s likewise the matter of the song’s surge in appeal on TikTok (thus the “Old Town Roadway” echoes) in addition to its co-sign from none other than Taylor Swift, who stated she was “truly proud” of the song’s performance.

” Drivers License,” too, absolutely slaps. There are definitely echoes of both Swift and Lorde in its poetic realism and encapsulation of teenage feelings from the 17- year-old Rodrigo (and her co-writer, As Tall As Lions’s Dan Nigro). It all feels very much her own, and true to the kind of emotional rite of passage recorded in its lyrics.

Combined, all this buzz and connection leads to “Drivers License”‘s distinctions: replacing 24 kGoldn and Iann Dior’s “State of mind” at No. 1, becoming the top-selling and most-streamed song of the week, and, according to the ChartData Twitter tracker, the fastest tune to reach 100 million streams (in roughly 8 days).


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