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The look for the ever-elusive “bop” is hard. Playlists and streaming-service recommendations can only do so much. They often leave a sticking around concern: Are these songs actually excellent, or are they just new?

Get In Bop Store, a carefully picked choice of songs from the MTV News group. This weekly collection does not discriminate by genre and can include anything– it’s a photo of what’s on our minds and what sounds excellent. We’ll keep it fresh with the current music, however anticipate a couple of oldies (but goodies) every as soon as in a while, too.

Prepare: The Bop Store is now open for service.

  • Olivia Rodrigo: “Drivers License”

    There’s a pains on “Chauffeurs License” that feels so genuine. The dreamy, Taylor Swift-approved cut from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Olivia Rodrigo treads a path formerly trod by Lorde, on its helium-soaked bridge especially. However Rodrigo’s artfully built narrative feels all her own, masterfully threading a young person’s automobile initiation rite with the echoes of heartbreak and suburban solitude. Bet Rodrigo’s subject rues the day they kissed an author in the dark.– Patrick Hosken

  • Taylor Swift: “Right Where You Left Me”

    One of 2 bonus offer tracks on the deluxe edition of December’s Evermore, “Right Where You Left Me” transportations listeners back to the fantastical forests of Folklore, Taylor Swift’s first foray into indie folk-pop.– Sam Manzella

  • Primary Popstar: “I Hate Running”

    Ending up being unhinged has never looked as fun as it carries out in Number One Popstar’s video for “I Hate Running.” It’s not unexpected that the track and its visual go hand-in-hand, considering it’s Slut Island vocalist Kate Hollowell’s solo job, and that she’s put in the aesthetic work, having actually directed videos for Katy Perry and Sasami. Taking on the role of a self-help guru espousing the advantages of health– while using a cigarette crown– she preaches about working on “her fitness in a brand name brand-new way” over a throbbing disco beat and a spoken refrain: “Up, down, side to side/ Nothing matters, we’re all gon na pass away.” It’s the sort of wacky pop that doesn’t take itself so seriously, though that does not indicate you won’t seriously love it.– Carson Mlnarik

  • Wild Pink: “Oversharers Anonymous”

    ” You’re a fucking infant,” John Ross sings, “but your pain is valid, too.” On a song the Wild Pink leader says is in part “loosely about the confusing nature of social media,” no much better line might be stimulated to encapsulate our digital selves and our limitless gripes played to a legions of unnoticeable fans. And yet, it’s just a tweet-sized moment in a grand heartland patchwork of a tune complete with sweeping violin and pictures of the open American west.– Patrick Hosken

  • 19 & You: “Bored!”

    As far as kid bands go, 19 & You may have the most distinct come-together story ever. The four-piece fulfilled when producer Noah Taylor flew to Australia to follow a girl and fulfilled bandmates Cameron Graves, Jackson Leitch, and Liam Wallis.– Carson Mlnarik

  • Hannah Hausman: “Will I Ever Seem Like This Again”

    Over reflective, echoing beats and synths connected to her heartstrings, the L.A.-based indie-pop vocalist lets her mind roam around a relationship she has no organization being in until her musings reach trippy proportions.– Carson Mlnarik

  • MF Doom: “Gas Drawls”

    It’s not the most notorious “Black Cow” sample– that one comes courtesy of Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz– however “Gas Drawls” still showcases how much cool oozes out of the Steely Dan catalog.– Patrick Hosken

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