Highly expected: The emphasize of any Nvidia CES keynote is constantly the new hardware it shows off, and this year’s event certainly didn’t disappoint there. There was no huge RTX 4000- series reveal (nor should there have actually been), however we did see the very first real spending plan 3000- series card: the RTX 3060, being available in at simply $329

The card is anticipated to launch sometime in February– a minimum of, for the auto-purchase bots and scalpers that have actually been wrecking the hardware market over the past several months. Everyone else might have to wait longer for stock to come in.

At any rate, the 3060’s greatest selling point (aside from its sub-$350 cost) is its 12 GB of GDDR6 VRAM. That figure goes beyond last gen’s RTX 2080 Ti, and even this gen’s RTX 3080, which have 11 and 8GB of VRAM, respectively.

The 3060 was constructed with a 192- bit memory bus, and it’s set to include 3,584 CUDA cores and a base clock speed of 1.32 GHz (increase clocks increase to 1.78 GHz). It’s anticipated to draw around 170 W of power typically over a PCIe 8-pin port, which need to fit into many modern-day builds rather well.

Nvidia assures approximately two times the raster performance of the GTX 1060, and 10 x the RT efficiency. That’s a rather ineffective and frankly perplexing comparison, considered that the 1060 is two generations old and does not even support RTX in the very first location.

A better comparison would be to accumulate the 3060 versus the 2060: both cards proclaim to support RTX innovation, and they’re only a generation apart. Nvidia tossed us a bone there, too, with the following chart:

According to Nvidia’s estimations, the RTX 3060 is can press someplace in the area of 60-64 FPS in Watch Pets: Legion at 1080 p with RT and DLSS allowed (it’s unclear what RT and DLSS settings were utilized, nevertheless). The 2060, nevertheless, sinks to the low 40 s, which is no surprise given the generational distinctions here. The 1060’s performance is listed too, but again, it’s an unimportant comparison.

As normal, we ‘d encourage you to take maker criteria with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, if you wish to throw care to the wind, you can snag a 3060 of your own next month. We’ll update you when we have a more concrete release date to share.


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