Nvidia launched the indispensable RTX Ampere GPUs about 18 months ago, along with the flagship GeForce RTX 3090, a $1,500 graphics card that we said used to be a listless and rather pointless launch in our day-one overview. At the very least to avid gamers, the RTX 3090 made runt sense since there used to be no will deserve to accept as true with a huge 24GB VRAM buffer, and despite Nvidia’s handiest efforts, 8K gaming true is rarely any longer a thing.

Sadly though, “listless and rather pointless” would be an actual plot to summarize the full graphics card segment throughout the last year and a half, and you might presumably encompass the be aware “hopeless” in there as successfully.

Since launch and for months on cease, even pointless merchandise love the RTX 3090 accept as true with been nearly no longer possible to salvage, unless you accept as true with been prepared to pay scalper costs of ~$3,000 for the fastest GPUs within the marketplace. Fortunately, pricing has started to drop, though in most instances or no longer it is aloof inflated.

That you just might now salvage an RTX 3090 beginning at $1,900, which is aloof 30% over MSRP, but successfully down on the $3,000+ costs we accept as true with been faced without a longer that plot wait on.

The typical RTX 3080 is currently selling for $1,100 though, which technique you are paying over 70% more for a 3090, for what amounts to 10-15% more performance at 4K.

You might want to argue that the RTX 3090 is rarely any longer “pointless” brooding about or no longer it is the most cheap graphics card with a 24GB VRAM buffer. But again, that’s worthless to avid gamers, but for particular manufacturing workloads, the spacious memory buffer is in total a godsend, so there’s that.

However what about a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti? Would a Ti version packing 2.5% more cores clocked 10% greater with 8% more memory bandwidth be valuable to someone? I guess that relies on the worth. However, for sure, or no longer it is no longer changing the standard version at $1,500.

This is rarely any longer a refresh where you salvage a limited enhance at the associated sign level before the subsequent technology arrives, rather here’s what we’d name a “milking.” A limited performance bump for a spacious sign hike, a hike that sees the MSRP hit $2,000.

Aside from about a additional cores, the 3090 Ti is correct an overclocked 3090 with a ludicrously high energy rating of 450 watts, nearly a 30% salvage bigger over the standard 3090. Is that boring? Absolutely sounds love it, but to make certain let’s first retract a take a examine the three RTX 3090 Ti boards we have on hand and then on to the benchmarks.

The Cards: Asus, MSI and Gainward

Starting with the Asus TUF Gaming OC, the RTX 3090 version used to be already very huge, however the 3090 Ti is even bigger, weighing 1677 grams which is rarely any longer that loopy, however the scale are somewhat something measuring 325mm prolonged, 150mm expansive, and a whopping 63mm wide making this a 3-slot graphics card.

Externally, it appears to be like to be love all other 30-series TUF Gaming graphics card. There are three 100mm followers wrapped in an aluminium cowl and on the bottom you salvage a fleshy size aluminium backplate. The stainless-steel I/O bracket parts three DisplayPort outputs and two HDMI outputs.

Getting the full vogue down to the PCB we discover a PCIe 5.0 16-pin energy connector and since no energy supplies make stronger this connector (no much less than none you might eliminate true now), the 3090 Ti playing cards advance with an adapter that feeds three 8-pin PCIe cables into the PCIe 5.0 16-pin energy connector.

Here’s basically the associated 12-pin connector featured on the Nvidia Founders Version models, true with four additional ‘sense’ pins.

The most effective crimson meat up for all 3090 Ti graphics playing cards is arguably the memory. Potential has no longer modified from the standard, so or no longer it is aloof 24GB, but memory density and frequency has improved, upgrading the memory modules ability from 1GB to 2GB, which technique there are true 12 modules and they also are all on the entrance aspect of the PCB. This might occasionally likely maybe also vastly crimson meat up memory cooling performance.

That also technique the backplate is correct extracting warmth from the rear PCB, and no longer a dozen GDDR6X chips. Asus has aloof incorporated a entire lot of thermal pads on the backplate though, the usage of it as a warmth spreader.

The heatsink is highly huge as you would search knowledge from and Asus has long previous with a nickel plated copper unpleasant for extracting warmth from the GPU and a few of GDDR6X memory, which is a runt bit of an weird and wonderful different for the memory.

As an different many of the memory chips are connected to an aluminum plate which is rarely any longer going to be as ambiance friendly at extracting warmth. Overall a extraordinarily actual attempting card with an gorgeous mounting plot for connecting with the PCB.

When achieve apart to the take a look at, installed throughout the Corsair Obsidian 500D in a 21C room, the TUF Gaming peaked at 79C for the hot achieve with a height memory temperature of 78C. The followers spun at 2400 RPM and the cores in total clocked at 1.99 GHz out of the box.

We also tested the MSI RTX 3090 Ti Suprim X and this thing is a beast. It be without are awaiting the best graphics card we have ever bump into taking on 4 slots with a weight of 2145 grams. It measures 305mm prolonged and stands 140mm expansive, but at 71mm wide, it takes up 4 slots which is total madness.

There are three 95mm followers encased in a bonkers-attempting fan cowl and at the rear is an good attempting backplate that has loads going on. There’s brushed aluminium, LED backlit trademarks, vents and a dapper runt sunless skirt a the cease. Oddly though despite the massive I/O bracket which takes up 3-slots, MSI has only incorporated three DisplayPort and a single HDMI output, so one much less HDMI port that you just salvage with the Asus mannequin.

The achieve the Suprim X appears to be like to be in a league of its possess is cooling. Whereas the TUF Gaming used to be a aggregate of heatsink fins and aluminium brackets, the Suprim X is pretty necessary all fins. There’s 8 nickel-plated heatpipes that lengthen by the fin stacks. Then connecting the GPU and GDDR6X memory to the heatsink is an infinite nickel-plated unpleasant, making contact with all 12 memory modules.

When achieve apart to the take a look at installed throughout the Corsair Obsidian 500D in a 21C room, the Suprim X peaked at 88C for the hot achieve with a height memory temperature of 82C. It be worth noting that the followers spun at true 1700 RPM, so the Suprim X used to be nearly restful. The cores also in total clocked at 1.99 GHz out of the box.

We only bought the Gainward RTX 3090 Ti Phantom GS the day before our overview used to be going are living, which is why we didn’t encompass any ends up in our graphs. However we did accept as true with time to put in it and lag it for an hour for a temperature analysis.

Here’s one other triple-slot compose with three 90mm followers embedded in a plastic cowl. It be a fab attempting compose with some sunless anodized pipes that lag cease to cease. Throughout the wait on is a fleshy-size backplate with some air vents decrease outs in direction of the cease. Here’s somewhat an infinite piece of the backplate because the PCB is amazingly short.

Gainward has managed to cram their premium RTX 3090 Ti graphics card onto a 205mm prolonged PCB which is impressive given the card itself is 310mm prolonged. This technique there is rather an infinite piece of the card that enables air to stream by it and this must aloof wait on rather loads with cooling performance.

Admire MSI, Gainward has long previous with a single HDMI output and three DisplayPort outputs and naturally there is a single 16-pin PCIe 5.0 energy connector. Now, the Phantom GS is rather heavy at 1837 grams which ability of an infinite triple-slot cooler packing eight heatpipes and an infinite copper unpleasant. Gainward has been beneficiant with the thermal pads and there’s an actual quantity of them also stumbled on on the backplate, so overall a actual attempting 3090 Ti.

When achieve apart to the take a look at throughout the Obsidian 500D case in a 21C room, the Phantom GS peaked at 84C for the hot achieve with a height memory temperature of 76C. These temperatures accept as true with been done with a fan bustle of 1850 RPM, so in phrases of cooling performance the Phantom GS has similarities to the massive MSI mannequin. The cores also in total clocked at 2 GHz.

Gaming Benchmarks

For this overview we have tested 12 video games at 1080p, 1440p and 4K. We will largely focal level on the 4K knowledge, but you might watch the performance abstract for all resolutions additional down below.

All benchmarks accept as true with been lag the usage of our Ryzen 9 5950X take a look at map configured with 32GB of twin-infamous, twin-channel DDR4-3200 CL14 memory. Resizable Bar used to be no longer enabled as we watch this as more of a platform feature that’s no longer only for particular person GPU tests, or no much less than true now it doesn’t precisely narrate how Radeon and GeForce GPUs overview on older programs.

Starting with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, we watch that each and every the Asus and MSI 3090 Ti models we have on hand accept as true with been actual for 69 fps on moderate, making them true 3% quicker than the standard RTX 3090, besides the Radeon RX 6900 XT.

Next we have A ways Direct 6 and here the contemporary 3090 Ti models are true 5% quicker than the RTX 3090 Founders Version, or true 2.5% quicker than the Suprim X version of the long-established 3090. So we’re aloof attempting at mid to low single digit positive aspects for the contemporary Ti mannequin.

Take into story Canines Legion also shows a minor 5% salvage bigger over a inventory 3090, or 3% over the Suprim X version as each and every the MSI and Asus 3090 Ti playing cards rendered 66 fps on moderate, an impressive 4K end result for sure, but normally earth shattering.

The margins develop a runt in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Here the 3090 Ti Suprim X used to be 11% quicker than the 3090 FE card, and eight% quicker than the Suprim X version. As some distance because the apples to apples comparisons fling, the 3090 Ti is up to eight% quicker than the 3090. Glorious uninspiring positive aspects to this level.

At face price, the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege outcomes watch more promising with greater margins, but that’s largely the full vogue down to the real fact that we’re taking part in with necessary greater numbers here.

Aloof, the Suprim X 3090 Ti used to be 3.5% quicker than the Asus TUF Gaming OC mannequin, though it used to be only 9% quicker than the older Suprim X version of the standard 3090.

F1 2021 sees an 8% margin from the 3090 Suprim X to the 3090 Ti version, and that appears to be like as actual because it gets for the 3090 Ti. I must aloof also show masks that the Radeon GPUs watch somewhat worn here as ray tracing is enabled by default and which ability of this fact we take a look at with this selection enabled.

No surprises stumbled on in Horizon Zero Destroy of day, the 3090 Ti used to be 5% quicker than associated 3090 models, rendering 98 fps on moderate.

Doom Everlasting used to be no divulge for the 3090 Ti, though the associated used to be also merely of the 3090 and here the Suprim X models are separated by a mere 4% margin.

The 3090 Ti Suprim X used to be 11% quicker than the 3090 Suprim X, our perfect margin yet. Clearly, this sport is taking part within the upper clocked cores and memory. We’re no longer sure you’re going to be aware going from 123 fps to 138 fps at 4K, but you’re going to likely be aware the $500+ lacking out of your pockets.

Involving on, there’s runt to search in Death Stranding, here the Suprim X models are separated by true a 6% margin.

Hitman 3 dangers a runt excitement with a 9% margin favoring the 3090 Ti Suprim X over the 3090 mannequin, nearly double digits there.

Now not without extend, we have Cyberpunk 2077 with a 10% performance enhance over the Suprim X 3090. Sadly, we couldn’t hit 60 fps in our take a look at the usage of the 2nd highest quality settings. Perchance next-gen hardware will achieve that at 4K.

Efficiency Summary

1080p, 1440p and 4K

Per the tests we ran, it sounds love the 3090 Ti is up to 10% quicker than the standard 3090 at 4K. Let’s now also watch how the 12 sport moderate knowledge appears to be like to be for 1440p and 1080p gaming performance.

Starting at 1080p, you might watch that despite the usage of the Ryzen 9 5950X with low latency memory, we’re aloof largely CPU sure at this decrease resolution with moderate body charges in extra of 200 fps. There’s presumably no longer necessary level evaluating the 3090 and 3090 Ti here.

For those of you focusing on 1440p with extremely-love quality settings, the 3090 Ti appears to be like to be on moderate 4% quicker than associated 3090 models, viewed when evaluating the MSI Suprim X playing cards.

Then at 4K we’re attempting at a 7% performance growth when evaluating the MSI Suprim X models, which is highly underwhelming.

The 3090 Ti used to be 20% quicker than the 6900 XT, but we are talking about a inventory 6900 XT. You might presumably halve that margin with an actual overclocker. In abstract, the 3090 Ti wasn’t even 10% quicker than the standard 3090, however the MSRP has been jacked up by 33%.

Energy Utilization

The graphics board energy rating used to be increased by nearly 30% to 450 watts and that observed total map usage rise by an insane 18% to 702 watts with the Suprim X, up from true frightened of 600 watts with the standard 3090.

That is a defective salvage bigger for true 7% more performance on moderate.

What We Learned

We can already sense Nvidia followers asking “what about ray tracing & DLSS?, why have not you talked about those?” The purpose is that the 3090 Ti might be no diversified than the 3090. Tack on about a share functions, and you’ve got the 3090 Ti, there’s nothing if truth be told contemporary here.

And that’s the mission with the RTX 3090 Ti in a nutshell. It be moderately necessary the associated GPU that used to be launched 18 months ago, but arriving plot later to the event. Despite that, it costs 33% more for ~10% more performance on the most helpful of eventualities, whereas sucking down ~30% more energy. In my belief, the 3090 Ti defines unusual overclocking for avid gamers: hot, loud, costly, and in some device pointless.

The typical RTX 3090 makes some distance more sense and or no longer it is somewhat something when a contemporary Ti mannequin makes the standard boring offering watch all neat and perfect. However that’s precisely what the 3090 Ti has performed. It be made me watch wait on at the 3090 and reveal, successfully, you were not that sinister despite all the pieces. However then I be aware or no longer it is true 14% quicker than the RTX 3080 with a 114% salvage bigger in MSRP, so I true salvage stressed along with your entire silliness.

Speaking of foolish… the Nvidia overview knowledge for the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is basically something. Nvidia claims that the level of comparability for the 3090 Ti is the Titan RTX. You realize, that $2,500 Turing GPU released in boring 2018, nearly 4 years ago now. Perchance if the RTX 3090 with 24GB of VRAM didn’t exist you might salvage that argument, but or no longer it has been around for successfully over a year now.

Nvidia has also doubled down on pushing the 8K gaming attitude. However why? Nobody bought it the indispensable time (besides about a paid opinions). 8K gaming is rarely any longer a thing for about a causes… beginning with, where are the 8K gaming displays they are selling this for?

And I quote… “The RTX 3090 Ti permits you to play, buy, and look your video games in superb 8K HDR with DLSS Extremely Efficiency mode for 8K gaming.” However, for sure, DLSS Extremely Efficiency mode is rarely any longer 8K gaming. 8K gaming would be 8K gaming, no longer a scaled up version the usage of DLSS.

Striking that apart for a 2nd, the real fact stays that as soon as the usage of dialed down quality settings in Cyberpunk 2077, with ray tracing disabled, the 3090 Ti couldn’t achieve 60 fps at 4K, so we don’t think or no longer it is 8K ready with any stage of DLSS make stronger.

I will now quote myself, “whenever you occur to’re a PC gamer, the RTX 3090 (Ti) doesn’t surely salvage necessary sense.” Had the contemporary RTX 3090 Ti slotted into the standard 3090’s sign level maybe it might accept as true with made for an okay launch, no longer very superb 18 months down the be aware, but no longer defective either.

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