Selena Gomez has actually released a new Spanish tune, “De Una Vez,” accompanied by a music video for us to get lost in. Gomez is plainly excited about this new chapter of her profession. Shirley Kurata and Lauren Levin teamed up for the project, choosing a spring 2021 Rodarte dress with silk flowers from the brand name to match.

We spoke with Shirley about the styling process and what it resembled to deal with Selena on set. She verified lots of neat details, consisting of the reality that the Rodarte dress fit like a glove and happened to be the very first one Selena tried on, though there were runners-up. The fashion jewelry was also picked prior to the dress, and the story of how the glowing Milagro heart came to life is quite cool, too. Even though this isn’t the type of video where Selena enhances us with multiple clothing modifications, it’s safe to state she makes an impression in this gorgeous floral number alone, and the story behind her ensemble is absolutely worth reading.

Keep reading for our interview with Shirley, then watch the video in full.


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