In brief: Back in January of in 2015, Tesla became involved in yet another NHTSA investigation; this time surrounding accusations that the business’s cars and trucks were suddenly accelerating, resulting in crashes and injury. Now, simply a number of weeks far from the anniversary of that report, the NHTSA has cleared Tesla of all wrongdoing and placed the blame strongly on drivers.

NHTSA was acting upon info provided by a Mr. Brian Triggers, who requested that the NHTSA “remember all [Tesla] Model S, Design X, and Design 3 vehicles produced from 2013 to the present” due to SUA (sudden unexpected acceleration) problems.

To support his grievance, Stimulates offered the organization with an overall of 232 “non-duplicative” complaints regarding this concern, 203 of which involved crashes with the environment or other lorries.

After a strong year of investigation, though, the NHTSA has actually found that Triggers’ grievances are mainly without benefit. In every instance of a SUA event in which log information was available, “pedal misapplication” was the cause of the velocity.

In other words, as some of our readers theorized back in 2020, chauffeurs simply pressed the incorrect pedal; speeding up when they intended to brake.

This is good news for Tesla, but it’s also an outcome the company most likely anticipated from the get-go. If Tesla genuinely believed that was the case, they had no factor to be worried here– and the NHTSA’s finalized report backs that up.

To be clear, this report does unclear Tesla of all future wrongdoing. The NHTSA reserves the right to open up a different investigation at a later date if other, legitimate grievances emerge. For now, the business has actually dodged a bullet, albeit a poorly-aimed one.


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