I have actually frequently found wagering the NFL playoffs to be a bit simpler than regular-season games for one basic reason: a lot more people bank on NFL championship game than regular-season games. I mean, even considering just how much more action an ordinary Sunday afternoon game in between the Jaguars and Bengals might get compared to any other video game in any other sport, the playoffs still see a surge in public action.

This in some cases leads to a great deal of worth on underdogs, especially when they’re breaking the No. 1 seed in each conference. If you blindly wager against the No. 1 seed in the divisional round every year, you ‘d earn money. Yet, here I am, in this divisional round taking two No. 1 seeds.

Perhaps I’m an idiot, or perhaps they’re just the right plays. I’ll describe my rationale, and you can decide on your own.

Rams at Packers

Latest Odds:

Green Bay Packers.

There’s been a great deal of discuss playing in cold-weather conditions concerning this weekend’s video games, and we just can not ignore the fact that Aaron Rodgers truly does play well in winter. In a season without a home-field advantage thanks to empty arenas, this is an area where the Packers have a serious one. Rodgers and the Packers know how to play in these conditions and are constructed to take advantage of them. The Rams aren’t.

It’s not a big sample size, but we have actually seen Jared Goff make two starts in temperature levels listed below freezing. Both can be found in the 2018 season on the road versus the Broncos and Bears. Goff completed only 47.2%(34/72) of his passes for 381 backyards (5.3 YPA) without any touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Both Goff and Rodgers are from California and played at Cal. One has actually adapted to unfavorable weather conditions. The other hasn’t. Back the one who has.

Projected score: Packers 24, Rams 14
Best choice: Packers -6.5 (-110)

Ravens at Bills

We have actually also heard this week about how Lamar Jackson has never ever played in snow prior to.

Rather, what I see is the weather condition impacting the method each team plays.

Projected rating: Expenses 23, Ravens 20
Best bet: Under 50 (-110)

Browns at Chiefs

Newest Chances:

Kansas City Chiefs.

It sounds crazy to say it about an NFL playoff game, however this needs to be a letdown area for Cleveland, right? I imply, not only did the Browns end their playoff dry spell this season, however they won a championship game! And they did so versus the group in their department that has tortured them for decades! All while their coach was stuck in a basement separating. I suggest, the Browns have currently won their Super Bowl, and now they need to face what may be the best team in the NFL.

Likewise, while the Browns won last week, I can’t disregard how the win came. The Steelers basically handed the Browns a 28 -0 lead in the first quarter. When the Steelers stopped turning the ball over consistently, they outscored the Browns 37-20 over the last three quarters. Something tells me that the Chiefs aren’t going to open the game by snapping the ball 20 backyards past Patrick Mahomes into completion zone. The Browns defense hasn’t been good this year, and now it’s facing one of the two best offenses in the game. I do not expect this one to be all that competitive.

Projected score: Chiefs 34, Browns 17
Best choice: Chiefs -10(-105)





27-23 -4



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