Despite his numbers this season and his name being continuously raised in the NFL MVP conversation, Aaron Rodgers, if he gets the award, will not a consentaneous winner.

That’s due to the fact that one male, Hub Arkush, who is among the 50 citizens of the Associated Press’ annual NFL awards and an editor of Pro Football Weekly has actually chosen he will not offer his nod for MVP to the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers on the football field
A NFL MVP citizen stated Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the “most significant jerk in the league” and he will not choose him for the award. Here, Rodgers prepares to toss a pass. (Provided Photo/Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Arkush’s thinking for his choice? He stated to honor the “most significant jerk in the league” would be a bad and incorrect relocation. In speaking with a Chicago radio station, Arkush stated Rodgers has actually “penalized” the NFL, the Green Bay Packers company and the group’s fan base this season with his off-the-field actions.

He went even further in his reasoning for his choice and criticism of Rodgers, even recommending other gamers might be simply as important as the Packers QB. “Has he been the most important on the field? Yeah, you might make that argument, however I do not believe he is plainly that a lot more important than Johnathan Taylor or Cooper Kupp or perhaps even Tom Brady. From where I sit, the rest of it is why he’s not gon na be my option. Do I believe he’s gon na win it? Most likely. A great deal of citizens do not approach it the method I do, however others do, who I’ve talked to.”

Given the reality that Arkush is a Chicago-area author and the long time competition in between the Packers and the Bears, he stated he comprehends that some individuals will state his criticism of the quarterback is absolutely nothing more than that of a “Packer hater.”

In November, Rodgers exposed that his preseason remarks about being “inoculated” had to do with a getting an unauthorized treatment routine and not being immunized versus COVID-19

Also, prior to the season, Rodgers did not take part in the Packers offseason program, picking rather to holdout. Prior to ultimately appearing for training school Rodgers had actually drifted the concept of retirement.

Following Arkush’s remarks, social networks sounded off with takes of their own. Twitter user @BrandonLesco6 stated, “None of which has anything to do with his play. He’s MVP, duration.”

” Kudos, however, he’s not deserving of the MVP for other factors. Johnathan Taylor enters your mind,” @Vaart stated. “Cooper Kupp does too. Oh yeah, the GOAT, the genuine GOAT, is installing Madden type numbers at the age of 1,000 years. That’s even more remarkable than Rodgers.”

Twitter user @HitchikersPie complained Rodgers, thinking him to be a jerk stating, “Rodgers is actively spreading out disinformation throughout a public pandemic, that seems like bad person to me.”

In 16 video games this season, Rodgers has actually tossed for almost 3,980 backyards and 35 goals with just 4 interceptions.

The NFL’s routine season finishes up this weekend as Rodgers and the 13 -3 Packers handle the Detroit Lions. Prior to this weekend’s video game the Packers clinched the NFC North department, the leading area in the NFC playoffs and a first-round bye.


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