On January 16, the island country of New Zealand held a 20,000- individual outdoor concert where attendees neither had to use face masks nor observe social distancing procedures. The performance took place as the nation marked its second month without any new COVID-19 transmissions occurring in between residents.

The concert was the first stop in the six-stop summer tour of the native soul-pop band Six60 It toook place at the Waitangi Sports Grounds near the nation’s northern suggestion.

Prior To 660’s show, the country had hosted numerous New Year’s Eve music celebrations that likewise had enormous crowds, including Rhythm and Vines, Rhythm & Alps and the Northern Bass celebrations, each held in different parts of the nation, according to NME.

New Zealand COVID free concert Waitangi crowd
Matiu Walters and Six60 carry out at the Waitangi sports grounds on January 16, 2021 in Waitangi, New Zealand. The occasion is the biggest outdoor concert New Zealand music fans have actually been able to participate in given that the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Fiona Goodall/Getty

Now marks the 2nd extended time period in which New Zealand has actually prevented any community infections amongst its population of almost 5 million individuals. The country first achieved three months with no new infections from June to August 2020.

Part of the country’s success laid in the reality that its Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern instituted a stringent, country-wide lockdown for 6 weeks in March prior to the nation had actually even recorded any COVID-19 deaths.

Throughout the six-week lockdown, the country’s leading officials quickly closed its borders to any non-citizens and required any New Zealander returning from foreign travel to self-quarantine. Authorities also created a substantial system of regular screening and contact tracing for its people to help consist of the virus after the lockdown ended.

Polls revealed that roughly 80 percent of the country’s people backed the lockdown, regardless of some political critics stating that the procedures had actually gotten worse individuals’s psychological health and provided a blow to the nation’s tourist-reliant economy.

While the pandemic cost the country NZ$2158 billion (approximately US$1539 billion), the nation’s leaders also instated business and income protection programs that assisted business remain open and furloughed employees paid during the lockdown.

New Zealand is one of simply 27 countries that have actually mostly tamed the COVID-19 pandemic, according to EndCoronavirus.org, a self-described international volunteer union of over 4,000 scientists and other neighborhood stakeholders. The coalition operates under the New England Complex Systems Institute, an independent American research organization and believe tank focused on using analytics to social problems.

EndCoronavirus.org considers a country as having actually tamed COVID if it hasn’t had any new local transmissions for 14 successive days and no land borders shared with another nation that has a high infection rate.


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