If you’re still reeling from the remarkable dance relocations in Hustlers, Netflix’s new documentary Strip Down, Rise Up is here to share a whole new viewpoint on the world of pole dancing. During the trailer, which dropped on Jan. 15, women from all strolls of life sign up with a six-month dance class, intent on exploring their sexuality and getting in touch with their sensuality.

In embracing the restorative recovery abilities of dance and motion, each woman is able to address her mental and psychological needs in such a way she hasn’t in the past. “Some people can be found in simply to learn how to pole dance, and their minds are blown open that it touches a part of themselves that they didn’t understand they had,” a trainer stated in a voiceover. “I desire ladies to explore this part of themselves so that they can uncover, recover, and shine.” View the complete trailer here and take a look at the complete documentary once it premieres on Feb. 5.


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