Natalie Anderson Reveals Heartbreaking Reason She Left The Challenge
Natalie Anderson Thanks To MTV

The Obstacle: Double Agents host TJ Lavin stunned the cast when he announced that Natalie Anderson was “no longer cleared” to complete throughout the Wednesday, January 13, episode, and she was sent out house.

” I have an individual matter that needs me to leave the game. I need to handle something, and it sucks that I have to march due to the fact that all I wish to do is contend,” Natalie, 34, stated in her interview at the time. “It’s breaking my heart to leave.”

Following the episode, Natalie opened solely to United States Weekly, exposing that she left the MTV series after finding out that she was pregnant.

The Survivor winner, who’s been in a relationship with partner Devin Perez for more than a year, described that all of it began when she called her twin sis, Nadiya Anderson, over FaceTime while filming.

” I was just joking since she’s trying to get pregnant with her 2nd kid, and I was, like, ‘Oh, my God, my period’s late.

” For me, the cash was essentially in my pocket, the check was currently composed,” Natalie said.

Then the test was positive– something that didn’t immediately sink in.

” I’m this different person when I’m on these shows– like, there’s nothing that’s gon na stop me from getting what I want or attempting to get what I want. “I was just like, ‘How am I pregnant?

In reality, Natalie stated she didn’t actually wrap her head around the fact that she was pregnant until she arrived back home from Iceland.

” I was grieving this feeling of leaving something that I have actually trained so hard for, and I didn’t even consider the pregnancy until I got home,” she shared. “When I returned house, I was entirely healthy. My state of mind type of altered when I got house, because I have these 2 states. One is an extremely manly state which energy is, like, go go, go. It’s a really tough exterior. I have a very womanly side that very rarely is shown or comes out, but really just is shown in the intimacy of me and my boyfriend. And when I’m with him, it was a different headspace of being pregnant. I might lastly breathe and welcome the pregnancy in such a way that I hadn’t felt while I was out there. I was now embracing in a different light. I understood whatever occurs for a reason. I needed to give up winning, possibly, half a million dollars. On the flip side, I get to accept this cool journey with somebody I enjoy and trust to be my partner in life.”

After going to the medical professional for her ultrasound, the truth star got verification she was eight weeks pregnant.

” It’s insane. It was so cool that I was able to complete pregnant and kick ass while my body was doing this other amazing thing,” she explained.

While in your home, she returned into her “regular routine of consuming and training.” Given that she had actually dealt with pregnant customers in the past, she knew how to do safe exercises. “I was way less stressed at home than I was in the video game, and there was way less physical tension,” the Remarkable Race veterinarian stated. “I’m not dealing with anybody on a tractor-trailer!”

Nevertheless, a week later she began experiencing intense cramps.

” I went through a miscarriage, and it was really difficult because I had just kind of come to peace with leaving the video game and stating goodbye to the competition of the obstacle, which I enjoy, came back home and changed my frame of mind into this brand-new journey. It was tough for me,” Natalie informed Us, including that she couldn’t even inform any of her buddies that she was home since of The Difficulty

She continued: “I did everything that I could in my power to sort of make peace with my journey and I’m just really proud of where I am right now and where we are together.”

Natalie Anderson on Survivor Winners at War
Natalie Anderson on Survivor: Winners at War Timothy Kuratek/CBS

Although Natalie was close with castmates Aneesa Ferreira and Theresa Jones throughout her time on the program, she didn’t tell anyone when the test returned favorable. That stated, she had told her roomies that her boobs were growing and that her period was late so “they probably put 2 and two together,” the trainer shared. Additionally, the athlete didn’t drink at all throughout the show, including, “I’m sure once I left, the cast were probably believing that I knew I was pregnant because I never consumed at all when I existed.”

Natalie quarantined a week before filming started and left around the 4th week of the program. During that time, she went through numerous tests, something she was utilized to with a truth program past, but never ever was provided a pregnancy test.

” We went through so much testing[before The Challenge] We got tested for whatever,” she shared. “I most likely got 15 Covid tests in the past, but not one pregnancy test.”

The Obstacle: Double Agents airs on MTV Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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