In the wake of continuous hold-ups on the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed Friday that it is preparing extra SpaceX flights to the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA specified in a news release that it would “get approximately 3 extra team flights to the ISS as part of its Commercial Crew Transportation Capabilities (CCtCap) agreement.”

” The extra team flights enable NASA to preserve a continuous U.S. ability for human access to the spaceport station,” the administration included.

The extra flights mark a continuing cooperation in between NASA and SpaceX. Owned by Tesla’s Elon Musk, SpaceX has actually ended up being simply as popular for its civilian spaceflights, and in 2020 the business ended up being the very first personal company to send out astronauts to the ISS.

Currently, NASA is midway through its CCtCap agreement with SpaceX, with the most current introducing in April and returning in November.

NASA is preparing the extra flights aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft to occur “as early as 2023.”

SpaceX Crew Dragon
NASA has actually bought a minimum of 3 more possible SpaceX Crew Dragon flights after consistent hold-ups on the Boeing Starliner spacecraft. Here, the Crew Dragon pill is seen on the launchpad in Florida prior to a May 2020 launch.

One primary factor that the administration has actually bought the extra flights is apparently due to problems and hold-ups surrounding Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft. Developed to run together with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon pill, the Starliner has actually been pestered by a series of bothersome tests and has yet to fly a crewed objective.

” Due to technical concerns and the resulting hold-ups experienced by Boeing, it is anticipated that SpaceX will release [the Crew Dragon],” NASA informed CNBC area press reporter Michael Sheetz.

Additionally, the administration’s news release mentioned that “NASA’s evaluation is that the SpaceX team transport system is the just one accredited to fulfill NASA’s security requirements to carry team to the spaceport station.”

However, NASA repeated that it would deal with Boeing as it examines the concerns with the Starliner, and will continue to help in preparing the Starliner for ultimate crewed flight. The extra SpaceX flights need to provide Boeing a bigger buffer to get its pill space-ready, NASA stated.

The administration included that it still prepares to alternate objectives in between Boeing and SpaceX once both spacecraft are functional.

” NASA and Boeing will supply extra updates on the status of Starliner’s next objective as we overcome the examination and confirmation efforts to identify source and reliable car removal.”

Beyond dealing with sending out extra objectives into orbit, the administration specified that it is likewise dealing with jobs to extend the life of the ISS beyond 2024.

In a declaration sent out to Newsweek, Boeing stated that it would “continue to make development on the oxidizer seclusion valve concern on the Starliner service module propulsion system. Security of the Starliner spacecraft, our staff members, and our team members is the group’s top priority.”

” We are taking the suitable quantity of time to overcome the procedure to set this system up for success on OFT-2 and all future Starliner objectives. Prospective launch windows for OFT-2 continue to be evaluated by NASA, Boeing, United Launch Alliance, and the Eastern Range,” Boeing included.

” The group presently is pursuing chances in the very first half of 2022 pending hardware preparedness, the rocket manifest, and spaceport station accessibility.”


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