North Carolina beauty salon owner Thuy Tien Luong was found guilty on Friday of forced labor by persuading a specific to work for her as a nail technician.

According to the Department of Justice, Luong forced her victim, who was not identified, to work 10- hour-long shifts at the beauty parlor in between October 2016 and June 2018, typically with no days off.

Luong likewise threatened to expose presumably harmful details to the victim’s family created to “negatively effect” the familial relationship. salon owner guilty of forced labor

The owner of a beauty salon in North Carolina was found guilty Friday of taking part in required labor, urging an individual to perform work for her as a nail specialist for over a year.

Luong declared that the victim’s job performance had caused Luong to lose $180,000 and threatened to send the victim to jail if the whole quantity was not paid back. Authorities were informed to the victim’s plight after a run-in in between Luong and the victim, which led the victim to make a report against Luong to the Davidson Authorities Department.

In January, two Nevada citizens were jailed on suspicion of kidnapping a woman from Las Vegas and requiring her into labor at their Nye County home.

According to a declaration from the Nye County Sheriff’s Workplace, Keith Holman and Kristin Pfaff presumably kept the lady in a structure that was “secured with bars on the windows and steel doors and barriers obstructing the doors.” Holman and Pfaff’s alleged hostage was urged to perform manual labor and was “damaged” if she declined.

Holman and Pfaff were nabbed by Nevada authorities on Tuesday. They face charges of false imprisonment, uncontrolled thrall, conspiracy and second-degree kidnapping.


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