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James is figured out to get his weight on track in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of ‘My 600- Pound. Life.’ He paces the stairs in his apartment or condo to get workout, which he confesses has actually been a concern for him.

James’ cousin Cheyenne visits to bring him food in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the December 22 episode of My 600- Pound. Life She questions if what he’s consuming, particularly the cheese, is proper for his diet plan. He describes that his physician informed him he requires to be on a high protein and low carbohydrate diet plan, which this meal consists of.

James worries that he’s taking this weight reduction journey seriously. “I would not lie to you,” he informs Cheyenne. Next, James gets ready for his everyday workout. James is New York City-based and has actually been pacing the stairs to his fifth-floor walk-up.

My 600-Lb. Life
James in the December 22 episode of ‘My 600- Pound. Life.’ (TLC)

” The only concerns I’ve been having with the workout is the walking,” James confesses. “Cheyenne’s been informing me that I require to begin by doing something of stairs every day. I informed her I ‘d attempt to do that with her today due to the fact that I’m prepared to get operate in all over I require as long as my body might manage it.”

Cheyenne presses James to finish another set of stairs prior to he’s provided for the day. “This is the most I’ve ever worked myself and it’s difficult, however it feels great and I’ll keep doing it,” James states. He strolls back into his home to rest. Cheyenne attempts to talk with him, however he cuts her off. “Cheyenne, I can’t talk, I’m attempting to capture my breath,” James states.

My 600-Lb. Life
Cheyenne visits to assist James throughout the brand-new episode. (TLC)

The main summary for the December 22 episode of the hit TLC series checks out, “James B, matured eating abundant Haitian food and enjoys it with an enthusiasm; James requires Dr. Now’s assistance to decrease that love in order to endure, however a death in the household sends out James pulling away back to the conveniences he understands.” My 600- Pound. Life airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.


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