Natalie appeared on Survivor twice (winning San Juan del Sur and ending up second on Winners at War) and got off to a strong start on The Obstacle: Moles with the very first Gold Skull. Throughout this week’s episode, the stellar rookie was shut off from the competitors and “no longer cleared” to be in the video game.

“It’s breaking my heart to leave.

Now, Natalie– who was paired up with Cory at the time– is opening up about the “individual matter” that required her to quickly leave.

” I discovered out I was pregnant while I was out there,” she exposed to Entertainment Weekly

She discussed MTV and Obstacle manufacturers appreciated her choice to keep everything personal on the show.

” I think it’s excellent closure and a good way for me to put this whole thing behind me,” she specified. “It’s very restorative. Given that I have actually gone through this, I have actually spoken to a couple of pals and it’s more typical than it is not, and individuals simply don’t wish to speak about it due to the fact that there is like a bad stigma around it. And for me, I never felt that. I never felt embarrassed and I never excused what happened, and I just aimed to Devin for support and we made it through it together.”

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