MLB hot stove: Sizing up NL's landscape as Mets, Padres join Dodgers, Braves in top tier of contenders

The National League is very leading heavy at the moment

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The calendar has actually turned to 2021, and the only thing you can say about Major League Baseball’s competitive landscape is that it looks a terrible lot like it did in2020 The Padres and Mets gave the hot range a much-needed shock these last 2 weeks, otherwise things have actually been extremely peaceful. Just 12 of our top 60 free agents have signed, including only one of the top 14.

Spring training is scheduled to start in five weeks, though there’s a possibility it will be postponed since of the COVID-19 pandemic. MLB is pushing for a hold-up to avoid playing games without fans while the MLBPA desires a full season with full pay. History tells us the two sides will continue their bickering openly over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully hot range action provides a nice diversion from the labor war.

Now that we’re in a new year, let’s take a look at the National League’s competitive landscape.

The division no team desires to win


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