The Senate took an impromptu recess and Vice President Mike Pence was ushered out of the chamber as protesters using Trump paraphernalia stormed the Capitol.

As senators disputed the benefits of overturning Arizona’s electoral college vote, protesters in Trump equipment pressed previous security guards at the Capitol, prompting issues about legislators’ security.

Videos posted on Twitter revealed protesters inside the Capitol building. mike pence pelosi protesters senate

Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were accompanied to security as protesters breached the Capitol walls. A protester holds a Trump flag inside the United States Capitol near the Senate Chamber on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.
Win McNamee/Getty

The United States Capitol was put on lockdown and a message within the Capitol stated no entry or exit would be permitted.

” God bless the Capitol Cops who are keeping us safe,” Cotton stated.

” They are genuinely on the side of our country,” Trump tweeted.


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