The Season 2 All Stars are starting “another battle to set things right.” Prior to the Challenge legends get a “do over” starting November 11– some have not contended in years and years– we’re remembering their MTV roots. That’s right: It’s the All Stars newbies’ initial cast pictures from deep in our archives– and here’s the returning gamers from Season 1, in case you missed it a number of months back.

From Real World to Road Rules(and a little bit of Fresh Meat), these images were the very first taste of the young people’ launching on the network. From presenting in brand-new genuine cities while coping with 7 complete strangers to striking the roadway and taking in the momentary areas, they all have the very same fresh-faced energy. And they make sure to make you feel some significant fond memories.

  • Ayanna Mackins

    Road Rules: Semester at Sea

  • Brad Fiorenza

    The Real World: San Diego

  • Casey Cooper

    Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat

  • Cohutta Grindstaff

    The Real World: Sydney

  • Derek Chavez

    The Real World: Cancun

  • Jodi Weatherton

    Road Rules: X-Treme

  • Janelle Casanave

    The Real World: Key West

  • Jasmine Reynaud

    The Real World: Cancun

  • Leah Gillingwater

    The Real World: Paris

  • Melinda Collins

    The Real World: Austin

  • MJ Garrett

    The Real World: Philadelphia

  • Ryan Kehoe

    Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat

  • Tina Barta

    Road Rules: South Pacific

  • Tyler Duckworth

    The Real World: Key West

A note: Sophia Pasquis and Steve Meinke from Road Rules: The Quest are not included in this listicle– however they will be back starting on November 11 and you can see their brand-new cast pictures here.


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