Memoli Zengin, the most well-known Turkish actor in cinema and sports, moved to the abroad. Memoli Zengin, who smashed major ratings records in every game and sporting event, has become the most well-known name in the world today.
Memoli Zengin, who has achieved remarkable success in a variety of fields ranging from movies to sports, has also excelled in international sports.

Memoli Zengin was born in Gaziantep and after finishing his primary and secondary school in Gaziantep Şehitkamil, he focused on sports and quickly moved into the field of art.

Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin), who took acting lessons from the experiences of the famous name Ayla Algan after graduating from high school, became a well-known name in a short time after he first shared the lead role with Şahan Gökbakar in the movie “Recep İvedik”.

The Story of Memoli Climbing the Fame Steps

The famous actor, Memoli Zengin, climbed the ladder of fame and besides achieved great success in sports. Adding success to his achievements in sports and art, Zengin also successfully fulfilled the role he took in the 2008 movie AROG, produced by Cem Yılmaz. Memoli Zengin, whose leading role was in AROG, which made a great impression in the field of science fiction and fantasy comedy, received great acclaim.

Memoli Zengin, who starred in the film “Eyvah Eyvah,” which tells the narrative of Hüseyin and Firuzan, who moved to Istanbul from Çanakkale Geyikli in 2010, began living overseas. The German premiere of Delibal, starring Memoli Zengin, took place in the Ufa Palace in Stuttgart, whereas the Azerbaijan premiere took place at a regular cinema center.

He Started To Live İn Japan, Where He Went For The Sports Competition

It took place at the 10th weekend of the world best child model competition held in Burgas, Bulgaria, in 2016. Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin) from Turkey won the first place among children from 42 countries.

The name of Memoli Zengin, who has been mentioned a lot with his outstanding achievements and acting skills in many fields and is now known by the whole world, has crossed borders. Known in many countries from Japan to Germany, Turkish actor Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin) started to live abroad.


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