If red states and blue states were to “divorce” each other, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene called it possible that individuals who move from a Democratic state to a Republican state would be disallowed from choosing a short-lived “cooling down” duration.

California’s seen an increase in individuals vacating the state and numerous have actually decided to go to Texas and Florida, where locals can get more bang for their dollar. Some, consisting of Greene, have actually grumbled that those who are leaving California are bringing their political beliefs with them and possibly moving the political landscape.

On Wednesday, the Georgia congresswoman published on Twitter that “brainwashed individuals” who move from California and New York require a “cooling-off duration.” Her remark remained in action to a Twitter user who composed he supports victimizing Democratic transplants, consisting of limiting their capability to elect a time period. He likewise composed that they ought to need to “pay a tax for their sins.”

All possible in a National Divorce circumstance.
After Democrat citizens and huge donors destroy a state like California, you would believe it a good idea to stop them from doing it to another excellent state like Florida.
Brainwashed individuals that move from CA and NY actually require a cooling down duration. https://t.co/NB2dVj7n2X

— Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) December 29, 2021

Greene called it “all possible” in a “nationwide divorce” circumstance.

” After Democrat citizens and huge donors destroy a state like California, you would believe it a good idea to stop them from doing it to another excellent state like Florida,” Greene tweeted.

Newsweek connected to Greene for remark.

In October, Greene performed a Twitter survey about individuals’s interest in a nationwide divorce in between Republican- and Democratic-leaning states. According to her survey, Greene discovered 48 percent of participants desired the nation to remain together and 43 percent desired states separated by their political leaning. 9 percent were unsure.

marjorie taylor greene
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene called it “smart” to briefly restrict ballot rights for individuals who move from red to blue states. Above, Greene speaks at a press conference about the National Defense Authorization Bill at the U.S. Capitol on September 22, 2021, in Washington, D.C.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Greene implicated the “annoyed left” of sharing the survey and attempting to “tank it” and commemorated the 43 percent of individuals who backed America taking part in a nationwide divorce.

” So numerous individuals inform me day-to-day how ravaged they are over the state of our union on every level, and I totally share their utter disgust and heartbreak for the condition of our nation,” Greene tweeted in October.

The Georgia Republican called the survey a “wakeup” require Democrats throughout an interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast in October. While Greene saw the 2 political sides having “difference of opinions,” Bannon declined the concept as something he’s “emphatically” versus. Rather, he pressed Republicans to “govern like we imply it,” and to “begin imitating you’re in charge.”

When Greene initially put the survey out she came under criticism from social networks users. Some called her out for breaking the United States up into red and blue states rather of simply one nation and appearing to promote for civil war. Some kept in mind that although Georgia is a swing state, it chose Biden in the 2021 election, and has actually ended up being significantly blue for many years.


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