A Louisiana guy has actually confessed to taking a ring from his fiancée to fund her own engagement ring. Justin Pope, 29, was jailed on July 13 after it was found that he took a ring from his then-girlfriend’s home in Downsville, Louisiana in 2019.

As Soon As he had the ring in his ownership, he offered it at a regional pawn store, then utilized the cash as a deposit to purchase the engagement ring, he exposed in a court affidavit. Pope likewise informed Ouachita Parish Constable’s Workplace deputies that while he attempted to get the ring back after pawning it, “it had actually been melted for scrap.”

According to cops, the taken ring was valued at $4,499 Pope has actually been launched on $500 bail. He has no criminal history or other pending charges at this time.

Justice Dept Finds FBI Abuse Of Patriot
The male tried to get the ring back from the pawn store, however it had actually currently been melted for scrap metal. Above, the seal of the FBI awaits the Flag Space at the bureau’s head office on March 9, 2007, in Washington, DC.
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The fashion jewelry market loses over $100 million each year, according to the FBI. Since the majority of these criminal activities are performed with the use of weapons, they usually lead to physical injury or death. The FBI and police frequently coordinate explore the Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) which is a company that gathers information relating to precious jewelry criminal offenses.

According to analytical information from JSA, the variety of precious jewelry burglaries in 2019 boost by 1 percent compared to2018 JSA president John Kennedy mentioned in 2020 that the current boost in fashion jewelry break-ins might be credited to a variety of relevant aspects.

” After several years of substantial decreases in dollar losses from criminal activity, the market got a shock in 2019 due to big dollar criminal offense losses triggered by extremely active expert gangs, especially advanced break-in gangs,” Kennedy stated.

” While losses have actually moderated in 2020 due to Covid-19 closures and disturbances, the troubling data of 2019 ought to be a wake-up call for the market that the bad old days of intensifying criminal activity losses can rapidly return.”


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