Officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, are turning down tips of a cover-up surrounding a supposed sexual attack at a school by a trainee who supposedly went on to assault another victim months later on.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office stated they wish to attend to the “false information” relating to a supposed attack at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn on May 28 following current media reports.

Scott Smith, whose child was the supposed victim in the May 28 attack, declared in an interview with The Daily Caller that she was assaulted in the lady’s restroom by a trainee he referred to as a young boy who uses a skirt.

Smith was formerly apprehended at a Loudoun County School Board conference on June 22 which was to disucss draft policy on transgender and nonbinary trainees’ rights.

During the conference superintendent Scott Ziegler stated that the school has actually had no reports of any attacks happening in their public restrooms which “predator transgender trainee or individual just does not exist.”

Smith stated he ended up being angry at the remarks understanding that his child had actually supposedly been attacked simply weeks ahead of time.

He implicated the school of trying to conceal the attack so they might continue to press the school’s Policy 8040, which was passed in August to enable trainees to utilize their name and gender pronouns, along with locker spaces and restrooms that represent their “regularly asserted gender identity.”

In their declaration, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office stated they were right away warned by authorities at Stone Bridge High School of the supposed attack on May28 Following an examination, a 14- year-old male was apprehended on July 8 on suspicion of 2 counts of forcible sodomy.

The constable’s workplace stated they did not openly expose information about the arrest as “the suspect and victim recognized with each other, the examination was intricate, and a public statement had the prospective to determine a juvenile victim.”

The suspect was later on launched from a juvenile detention center and moved to another school. The trainee is then declared to have actually assaulted another victim at Broad Run High School on October 6.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office did provide a news release detailing the arrest of the suspect the following day, specifying the now 15- year-old is implicated of requiring the victim into an empty class, holding her versus her will, and wrongly touching her.

The teenager was charged with sexual battery and kidnapping and taken to the Loudoun County Juvenile Detention.

The constable’s workplace stated that they provided a press release for that declared attack at Broad Run High School as the examination “did not include complicated situations, the arrest was instant, and the arrest was reported to the neighborhood as info launched was not likely to divulge the identity of the victim.”

During a heated Loudoun County school board conference on Tuesday, a variety of moms and dads required that superintendent Scott Ziegler resign over the attacks and questioned why the trainee implicated of the attack at Stone Bridge High School was sent out to Broad Run High School.

In a declaration to Newsweek, Loudoun County Public Schools stated that under the requirements of Virginia’s State Code, department administrators can’t examine sexual attacks up until involved police have actually concluded their own examinations.

The declaration did verify that the concept at Stone Bridge High School reported the claims of sexual attack right away to authorities on May 28, however their school board members were not familiar with it till the current media reports as information of it were not revealed.

” LCPS is restricted from disciplining any trainee without following the Title IX complaint procedure, that includes examining problems of unwanted sexual advances and sexual attack,” the declaration stated. “LCPS does enforce interim procedures to secure the security of trainees associated with the initial occurrence, discourage retaliation, and maintain the stability of the examination and resolution procedure.

” School Board members are usually not provided information of disciplinary matters,” the declaration included. “The board might be obliged to think about long-lasting suspensions or expulsions and should make sure that trainees have actually not been denied of due procedure. Members of the Loudoun County School Board were not mindful of the particular information of this occurrence till it was reported in media outlets previously this week.”

 Loudoun County assault
Protesters and activists hold indications as they stand outside a Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) board conference in Ashburn, Virginia on October 12,2021 – Loudoun county school board conferences have actually ended up being tense just recently with moms and dads encountering board members over transgender concerns, the mentor of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Covid-19 requireds. Just recently stress in between groups of moms and dads and the school board increased after moms and dads state a supposedly transgender private attacked a woman at one of the schools.


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