The dramatic moment a misplaced hiker became rescued from Florida marshland and carried to safety by helicopter after a seven-hour search has been captured on camera.

The unidentified lady, who had develop into separated from her husband within the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve shut to Castle Myers, Florida, at around 4 p.m. native time. It took search and rescue teams seven hours to procure her.

The Florida Fish and Natural world Conservation Commission (FWC), which assisted within the search and subsequent rescue, acknowledged the girl who became stumbled on at around 11 p.m. native time and became “wide awake and alert, nonetheless dehydrated and exhausted.”

The FWC wrote on its Facebook page: “When a hiker became separated from her accomplice someplace in almost 11,000 acres of trails, mangroves, and marshland, our officers in conjunction with accomplice agencies started the search. The community of FWC officers who reached the wayward hiker made their come by half of a mile of soft, thigh-deep mud and heavy vegetation.

“The video shows the crew ready to procure the descending rescue basket from the helicopter and the superior selfie they texted to her family to reassure them of her safety.”

The April 22 search became conducted by the FWC and other agencies along side the Lee County Sheriff’s Safe 22 situation of job, Iona McGregor Fire District, Lee County EMS, Florida Yelp Parks, Southwest Florida City Search, and Rescue, and the US Scoot Guard.

Iona McGregor Fire District provided an exchange on the enviornment on Saturday, explaining the cases surrounding the girl changing into misplaced. “A husband and indispensable other went on a nature stir,” it acknowledged in a Facebook submit. “The husband bought tired and came out of the protect. His indispensable other wanted to protect up walking a while longer and that is when she became misplaced.”

Iona McGregor Fire District Battalion Chief Jason Martin urged Emma Heaton of WINK Info how a drone and an aerial camera with thermal imaging had been used to uncover the girl. As soon as the helicopter had located the girl, it saved its pickle mild on her allowing floor crews to gain their come to her.

He added that the ending to the story could admire been very diversified and the perfect fortune and trusty weather had been with the girl and her rescuers.

The manager acknowledged: “The truth she had advance off the recede became piece of the enviornment discovering her. This time of year or no longer it’s drier than what it most regularly is. For the length of rainy season most of that protect could be wet to initiate up with.”

In its Facebook submit, Iona McGregor Fire District acknowledged: “She is enjoyable and we’re so grateful for the dedication of all agencies all for this search & rescue mission.”

Florida Marshland
A image shows the marshlands of St. Marks National Natural world Refuge. A video shows the dramatic rescue of a girl who became misplaced in Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve for seven hours.
Ruth Peterkin/GETTY


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