The current ad from The Lincoln Task frames U.S. politics as a fight in between “flexibility and autocracy.”

The advertisement launched Monday functions patriotic images from history juxtaposed with video footage of the lethal storming of the U.S Capitol on January 6, defining the action to the event as the existing generation’s specifying call to “safeguard and restore the guarantee of America.”

The Lincoln Task is a political action committee made up mainly of previous Republicans who worked to beat previous President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

” America is the only nation based on a concept,” a storyteller states in the advertisement as a U.S. flag is raised. “The extreme concept that people might govern themselves. It was called the American experiment due to the fact that there was no factor to think it might work. A republic if you might keep it. Every generation has actually been contacted us to safeguard and restore the pledge of America. For some it was on the battleground, for other it was on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.”

” Now, the fight has actually concerned the actions of the Capitol itself,” continues the storyteller as images from the Capitol riot are revealed. “Democracy is under attack like no time at all considering that1860 We have an option: avert or stand and battle. It’s not about conservative or liberal. It has to do with flexibility versus autocracy. We didn’t pick this minute, however history has actually picked us. Which side are you on?”

Newsweek connected to the Republican Politician National Committee for remark.

The Lincoln Task has actually launched numerous advertisements concentrating on Trump and the Capitol riot in the more than 3 months because it occurred.

Recently, the group launched an advertisement marking 100 days given that the violent occurrence, together with a remark that “till the infection that brought insurrection to our Capitol is eliminated, it’s constantly January sixth, 2021.”

An advertisement launched last month explained present Republican politicians as “anti-democratic autocrats” who “think an election is just genuine if they win.”

The group has actually been pestered by scandals in current months, with several charter member having actually resigned from the Lincoln Task because it was established in late 2019.

Some previous crucial figures are now contacting the group to stop operations. Unwanted sexual advances claims versus co-founder John Weaver, who stepped down last summer season following a cardiac arrest, triggered the resignation of co-founder Jennifer Horn and several advisors.

Additional scandals have actually emerged over the funding of the Lincoln Job. Just $27 million out of around $90 million that the group raised was invested in advertisements, while over half of the overall was diverted to speaking with companies run by members of the group.

Co-founder George Conway, hubby of previous Trump consultant Kellyanne Conway, tweeted last month that the company “need to close down, missing complete disclosure of its financial resources.” Conway resigned from the Lincoln Job last August

Lincoln Project Freedom or Autocrat Ad Republicans
A male holds a project flag for previous President Donald Trump outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. on January 6,2021 .


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