Something to look forward to: It’s that time once again when the tech world turns its attention to the market’s greatest display: CES. Today (January 11) sees a number of major keynotes, starting with LG.

LG’s keynote starts at 5am PST/ 8am EST/ 1pm GMT. You can view the whole event via the livestream above.

As CES 2021 is online-only, LG is using the public a possibility to take a look at its brand-new offerings by searching a virtual showroom, which will be offered up until January 14.

LG has plenty of amazing brand-new screens this year, including what appears like the very best reason never ever to get out of bed again: a 55- inch transparent OLED ‘Smart Bed’. It’s not actually a bed, but a transparent OLED screen that conceals inside its wheeled stand when not in use. LG pictures the screen sitting at the foot of a bed, though it can be easily carried around the house.

The display screen deals 40 percent openness, has a full HD resolution, and 400 nits brightness, while featuring “Sound Service innovation” embedded into the frame. It can also be used as an alarm clock and to evaluate sleep patterns. It’s only a principle today, sadly.

In Other Places, a 77- inch OLED TELEVISION utilizes a new high-efficiency natural product and has an additional emission layer for 20 percent more luminance. These panels will belong to a brand-new OLED TELEVISION brand name called OLED evo in LG’s 2021 “G1” series, according to reports.

There’s also LG’s bendable video gaming TV that changes from a flat to curved screen at the press of a button– read more about it here– along with an 88- inch 8K Cinematic Noise OLED that produces audio from the screen itself.

For those who love working out in your home utilizing, for instance, Zoom classes, check out the Rail and Pivot OLED that sits on a rail system so it can slide from a hidden location and be placed at different angles, consisting of portrait mode.

LG likewise has more transparent display screens in its lineup, consisting of some developed for dining establishments, in addition to gaming monitors, laptop computers, and far more.


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