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Arturo Elizondo, CEO, Clara Foods

Arturo Elizondo and his co-founders started Clara Foods with a bold objective: to fix the world’s food production problems by developing animal protein– without utilizing any animals. The business has actually developed a fermentation innovation to transform yeast and sugar into egg proteins that can be utilized for baking items, food and drink active ingredients, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

Arturo, a passionate vegan, is an alumnus of Harvard University and was called the 2019 National Hispanic Institute Individual of the Year.

Lakrisha Davis, CEO, NextUp Resume

Lakrisha Davis is an entrepreneur, career coach, author and speaker. A former talent recruiter with an MBA in human resources, Lakrisha chose to advocate for task prospects instead of employing companies after seeing discrimination in the recruiting process.

Lakrisha’s company, NextUp Resume, uses storytelling strategies to craft individualized resumes, cover letters and bios that help link task hunters’ experience and passion to their preferred position. Through individual training, business mentorship, business training and workshop facilitation, she has helped thousands of experts land task offers and negotiate raise.

Raven Baxter, Science Communicator, Raven the Science Maven

Raven Baxter, a.k.a. Raven the Science Maven, is a molecular biologist and STEM teacher who integrates her science know-how with her innovative talents to make hip-hop, STEM-themed tunes and video that attract kids and grownups alike. Raven, who is working on her Ph.D. in science education and has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in biology, is a lifelong supporter for variety and inclusion in STEM fields.

She is the founder of Black In Science Interaction, a company that provides neighborhood and assistance for Black science communicators, and Science Sanctuary, which supports initiatives such as STEMbassy, a science and technology web series. Raven has actually worked as a biology teacher, a scholastic program director and a cancer scientist. In 2020, she was recognized on Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list.

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John Butler, President, Founder and CEO, Quantumcyte, Inc

When a client receives a biopsy to determine whether or not they have cancer, the test outcomes are frequently undetermined, slowing down the medical diagnosis procedure and possibly restricting treatment possibilities. John Butler’s biotech business, Quantumcyte, has established a molecular profiling platform developed to assist researchers evaluate and comprehend a patient’s cancer on a specific level. The platform uses AI to automate the analysis of tissue samples, resulting in much faster and more accurate outcomes, and more clarity on treatment choices for clients and doctors.

John has more than 25 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing, with a focus on establishing biotechnology. He holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in biology.

Natasha Bansgopaul, COO, Konstellation

Natasha Bansgopaul is the co-founder and COO of the alternative financial investment platform, DarcMatter. In 2014, the business released a department called Konstellation, which concentrates on getting rid of ineffectiveness and developing openness in the financial services market through blockchain innovation.

Prior to joining the founding group of DarcMatter, Natasha had leadership roles in marketing and method at PepsiCo and Return on Modification. At PepsiCo, she developed the business’s first “innovation incubation” department, where she worked with startups and managed innovation launches and projects. Natasha has an MBA in marketing, entrepreneurship and strategic leadership from The Pennsylvania State University and is a 2021 White House Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Lori McGee, Partner, Jetstream Air Travel Law

Lori McGee is a pilot, mechanic and lawyer who blends her distinct competence to help companies and high-net-worth individuals obtain and handle ownership of corporate jets. While Lori was studying for her B.S. in aviation technology at the University of Central Missouri, she worked as a law clerk at a company with Michelle Clark, who would later become her partner at Jetstream Law. Lori kept her task as a clerk while she pursued her JD at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law, then worked at the very same company as an attorney for nine years.

As a partner at Jetstream Law, Lori supports clients with regulative compliance, federal and state tax, financial and insurance issues.


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