Leah and Jaylan took two great, particular steps in their relationship on this week’s Teen Mother 2 episode. First, they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend: He requested to be uncommon after they had been vacationing in Costa Rica alongside with her sister Victoria. 2nd: He traveled from his newest residence unpleasant of Georgia to meet her three daughters in West Virginia.

Appropriate prior to the latter tournament unfolded, Leah instructed Jaylan that she major Ali, Aleeah and Addie to salvage to grab the particular person “making their mama smile.” Though Leah warned Jaylan that her minute women folks would “place him to the test,” he became ready to grab the girls face-to-face.

And presently after a college pickup, Leah requested them in the event that they had been delivery to the postulate — and, surely, they had been (Ali even replied with a easy “duh!”).

“He became in actuality angry to seek files from you guys,” Leah stated mere moments after all people convened for the most major time and took a seat in the lounge, with Jaylan chiming in that he became anxious as properly (to be expected!).

Jaylan rapid pointed out to Ali and Aleeah that they all shared a distinct connection: He’s a twin as properly. Leah encouraged the girls to ask Jaylan any questions — Addie posed if he could maybe per chance maybe pressure her around to salvage her nails carried out, whereas Aleeah requested how the two met (a concert). Then, Beyonce’s lyrics had been recited.

“While you liked it then you shoulda place a hoop on it,” Addie humorously sang.

Joking apart, Leah shifted the dialog again to this “crucial” moment and outlined that she had to grab her beau prior to this introduction occurred. Hugs had been exchanged, and all people agreed that they’d look after to seek files from one one more extra. What does the long bustle protect for Leah, Jaylan and her girls? Wait on watching Teen Mother 2 each Tuesday at 8/7c.


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