GOP congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has actually turned down allegations she led a group through the Capitol before January 6, amid claims by the Democrats that the protesters had actually been assisted by a “reconnaissance” journey ahead of the fatal unrest.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) told CNN on Monday that he and fellow congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY) saw the newly chosen congresswoman “taking a group of people for a trip sometime after the 3rd and prior to the 6th.”

He could not call the precise date and said he did not understand if anyone in the crowd was involved in the attack on the structure. He informed the network: “But it’s quite clear her group, is the group, she’s not on the home team. She was with the visitors.”

Claims of so-called reconnaissance journeys by the rioters are swirling around Congress however Cohen is the very first congressman to particularly accuse another lawmaker of offering a tour of the Capitol before the unrest.

However, Boebert sent out a strongly-worded letter to Cohen, who is on your home judiciary committee. In it, she stated his claims that she provided a “reconnaissance trip” to rioters were “unconditionally false,” and that his remarks had threatened the safety of her, her personnel and her household.

Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert
Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert (R-CO) at the U.S. Capitol on November 13,2020 She has declined claims she had actually led a “reconnaissance” trip for those associated with the riots on January 6.
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

” I have never ever provided a trip of the U.S. Capitol to any outdoors group,” she said, adding that she brought her household to the Capitol on January 2nd for a tour and on the 3rd for images to celebrate the day she was sworn in as a Member of the U.S. Congress.

” I do not support unlawful acts of violence and support the guideline of law,” she said, adding, “Your false statements are extraordinarily irresponsible throughout this duration in time.”

Some Democratic members have suggested that those included in the unrest were given tours of the Capitol complex prior to January 6.

Newsweek has gotten in touch with Capitol Authorities and Cohen’s workplace for comment.

The graphic listed below, offered by Statista, reveals how Americans feel about the usage of violence to additional political objectives. Statista graphic on political violence

Graphic on how U.S. adults feel about utilizing violence to advance political goals.


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