A lady went viral on TikTok after thinking that the “expanded” bags of chicken cost Walmart showed they were neglected of the refrigerator and ruined.

The video, published by @jess. diazzz on TikTok, got more than 8.2 million views and 12,300 remarks considering that November 28.

” I believed y’ all were joking, however all the bagged chicken is expanded with germs,” the on-screen text read. “If it’s puffed that implies it did not have refrigeration and is polluted.”

In the video, Jess revealed herself pressing on the bagged Tyson chicken to reveal that they were filled with air which she declared was “infected.”

Walmart’s main TikTok account discussed the video thanking Jess for “making them mindful.”

” We remain in close interaction with Tyson, who informed us a ‘puffed’ bag does not show wasting in this case,” the remark read.

But simply a week prior to Jess published her now-viral TikTok, another user who goes just by @p. e.a.c.e.s4u, published a comparable video calling Walmart out for their puffed bags of Perdue chicken. Her video got more than 11.9 million views because it was submitted.

In the video, the TikToker stated she was taking a look at the bagged chicken at her regional Walmart when she saw “huge poof bags” or bags that appeared to have actually additional “polluted air.”

” I informed the supervisor, group leader Deanna that this implies these bags were left without refrigeration,” @p. e.a.c.e.s4u described. “I understand since I’ve done it a number of times.”

Packaged chicken at store
A viral TikTok declared that “puffy” poultry product packaging suggests contamination, however numerous stated that is not the case. Some commenters kept in mind that the “puffiness” might be the outcome of elevation modifications experienced by the bags of chicken.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In the remarks of both videos, numerous stated that both females’s claims were right which the puffed-up bags did include germs.

” Yes mam I operate in food service which is right,” one user commented.

But others fasted to point out that the chicken did not look frozen which lots of packaged meat frequently has gases pumped into the plan to prevent wasting.

Others stated that the puffed bags might have shown an elevation modification and did not always imply there was contamination.

” They utilize nitrogen or other inert gases that stop oxygen from getting in and triggering bacterial development,” one user discussed.

Recently, a popular myth-busting site, VerifyThis, discovered that a puffed-up bag does not show contamination. They discovered that USDA-approved product packaging can frequently make the bag appearance puffy and can suggest that the bag was effectively sealed.

A representative for the National Chicken Council stated that puffiness is not a sign of putridity. They advised that to look for putridity, individuals ought to reference the Sell By or Use By date, look for nasty odor, leak or staining.

Newsweek connected to Walmart and Tyson Foods for remark.


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