Brooklyn’s three-headed beast of Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant hasn’t exactly turned the Nets into the juggernaut that they anticipated to be. Irving himself called the Nets balance.

” We are the group that the NBA put the most video games on.

When it comes to the refs, Irving’s theory is a bit more subjective. The Nets entered Monday ranked 8th in the NBA in free-throw attempts per game regardless of hardly ever assaulting the basket. They take the 17 th most shots in the limited area per game and the 19 th most shots in the paint beyond the limited location. This is a jump-shooting team, and while Irving and Harden are both averaging fewer totally free throws than they have actually averaged for their professions, that’s largely explainable by function. They both manage the ball less than ever since they play with the other. Harden is leading the NBA in assists, and that focus on ball-movement has actually made him less susceptible to drawing fouls.

It ought to also be kept in mind that the Nets lost two games when Irving left the group without description in early January. His seven-game lack coincided with the Harden trade, and he even missed out on Harden’s first two video games as a Net. It’s not as though Kyrie is completely to blame for what is occurring in Brooklyn right now, however having one of their finest players in the structure all season likely would have made a difference in terms of chemistry and finding comfort in brand-new coach Steve Nash’s system.

The season hasn’t even reached the halfway point. Eventually, Brooklyn is going to figure out how to optimize its wealth of skill, and with the trade deadline and buyout season more than a month away, Sean Marks has time to supplement the existing core with the best kind of function players.


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