Watching your preferred dating program is something– and offering your feedback in real time is quite the other. And now, thanks to a new online series, you can do just that.

Faraway Bae, hosted by The Circle‘s Joey Sasso, is a virtual and interactive series which will follow YouTube star Dominic DeAngelis as he navigates a field of ladies.

” I’m all in favor of unconventional dating experiences, and I’m ready to put myself out there,” the Cooking with Dom star exposes.

” We are offering the audience an experience they’ve never had in the past,” Joanna Kaufman, the show’s developer and executive producer, says. “Individuals like dating programs, and they have lots of opinions.

And there’s a familiar MTV face making a look.

In honor of Faraway Bae, take a look at the trailer above, we’re recalling at a few of MTV’s best romance-themed shows (existing and old-school). From trying to find the one to being disrupted by an ex on the beach, there’s a lot of love (and drama) to go around.

Take a look at the roundup listed below, and do not miss out on the very first episode of Faraway Bae Season Two on January 25 th. Subscribe to The Faraway Bae YouTube channel here so you don’t lose out!

  • If your best match was standing right in front of you, would you even understand it? Young singles head to paradise to find their ideal matches and an opportunity to divide the $1 million reward. And make journeys to the Boom Room.

  • The Jersey Shore bros searched for “twice the love”– two times! Because every buddy deserves a second possibility.

  • The supreme relationsh t show: Reality stars and social influencers looking for an unique someone– just to be blindsided by their exes on the beach (or peak).

  • Video Game of Clones

    This is what takes place when MTV’s finest meet 7 lookalikes of their celeb crush. “Holy Clones!” is right, Pauly.

  • Next

    A bus full of people for one lucky guy/gal to date– and the choice to yell “next” (at any point) if you’re just not feeling it.

  • Mother and fathers their kid’s relationship, so they select new possible suitors to take their kid out. Sometimes they remained with their old beau– or, to their moms and dads, delight left with someone brand-new.

  • Singled Out

    A picker and 50 contestants. What might go wrong … or ideal?!

  • MTV Reveals


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