Simply a little bit more than 2 weeks after the release of his 6th album Justice, Justin Bieber stunned fans over the weekend with the release of a brand name brand-new EP entitled Flexibility

Dropped on Easter (April 4), the six-track gospel-infused EP sees Bieber start a soul-searching journey to much better comprehend himself and his past through the lens of his faiths. Each tune on the EP includes cooperations with numerous artists consisting of Beam, Pink Sweat$, and Tori Kelly.

Bieber revealed the surprise release on social networks by sharing the album’s cover art– a screenshot of the Notes app with the title defined– followed by a caption that checked out: “flexibility on all platforms.”

Flexibility on all platforms Pb2Gu

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) April 4, 2021

Facing forgiveness and unpredictability in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Flexibility. permits Bieber to redefine himself and reorganize his future. He’s not shy when it concerns owning up to his past– on the R&B track “We remain in This Together,” he refers to the 2014 FBI raid of his house after he was implicated of supposedly egging a next-door neighbor’s home. He likewise confesses that it “wasn’t simple” to “find out humbleness” and “accept obligation” in his life after maturing in the spotlight as a teenager.

” All that to state I’m glad that’s not who I am,” he sings. “And I’m happy God was with me when shit struck the fan.”

On other tracks like “Where Do I Suit” and “All She Composed,” Bieber searches for his location in life and finding convenience and approval through faith. He likewise checks out the impacts of cancel culture, revealing a quick that it suppresses individual development on the album’s last track “Scared To State.”

Featuring Lauren Walters, the tune explains how Bieber’s underlying worry of stating the incorrect thing has actually held him back from sharing his innermost ideas and beliefs to avoid himself from being “slammed from every angle.” Rather, he shares that individuals should not evaluate one another since he thinks God does not evaluate his fans “even in our darkest days, even when we least deserve it.”

” Do we got the space to make errors? Are we evaluated for whatever we stated? I wan na grow however I hesitate,” he exposes. “What have we finished with society? When everyone’s getting canceled can’t there be space for maturity? ‘Cause composing ’em off is not the response.”


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