Joseph Baena had a lot of ‘fun going through some motions’ in a brand-new video, which he posted to Instagram. Check out the young bodybuilder looking similar to his father!

Joseph Baena is looking a growing number of like his well-known father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, each and every day. The young bodybuilder, 23, required to Instagram on January 12 and shared a brand-new video where he designed a series of presents, opting to go without a shirt in order for his many followers to get a good look at the outcomes of his hard work at the health club. Joseph’s bulging muscles were front and center in the video, as he seamlessly moved his body from one posture to the next.

Joseph looked so much like his dad at the pique of his profession, recreating a variety of poses Arnold would have done during bodybuilding competitors. “Having a good time running through some motions,” Joseph captioned the video, which also featured Joseph sporting a black face mask. Joseph’s social media posts have regularly proven that the 23- year-old is following in his dad’s steps.

He’s even turned his Instagram feed into a motivational space for fans to get pumped about working out and toning their muscles. Prior to his recent post, Joseph took to Instagram on December 30 to engage with his followers and learn what sort of exercises they were doing to end 2020 and introduce a brand-new year. “ Let’s surface this year strong individuals !!! Lem me understand what you’re training on NYE,” Joseph captioned the image.

Time and again, Joseph has revealed that he is more than prepared to take up the mantel that his dad as soon as carried. Arnold has been rather encouraging of the youngster, and even offered Joseph some recommendations, which Joseph exposed back in November2019

Joseph said his dad constantly tells him to “put 100%into what I’m doing. Whether that is training, working, school.


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