The Genuine co-host Jeannie Mai published a message of thankfulness after celebrating her birthday 2 months after she was hospitalized and went through emergency surgery.

Jeannie Mai Hospitalized and Forced to Exit “DWTS”

Jeannie Mai is feeling grateful as she celebrates her 42 nd birthday and continues her healing following her hospitalization in 2015.

The Genuine co-host was forced to leave of Dancing With destiny in November and undergo emergency surgical treatment to remove a throat abscess obstructing her airway, caused by epiglottitis, or swelling of tissue around the windpipe.

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, Mai posted on her Instagram page a photo of herself using a naked pink Montce Swim bikini and presenting on a platform developed over shallow ocean waters at a tropical beachfront resort.

” Thank YOU for this 42 nd year of life that makes me grateful to CREATE!!”

She continued, “The year ahead stimulates me to develop all the things I’ve always wanted to take pleasure in. Particularly for my health and for my love of style … I have actually got some interesting announcements coming up for Mai Fam !!! However most of all– I am absolutely grateful for life.


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