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TOKYO– Yields on long-ended Japanese federal government bonds tracked U.S. Treasury yields greater on Friday, while Japan’s criteria 10- year bond yields were flat after reasonably effective Bank of Japan’s bond-buying operation.

The 20- year JGB yield increased 0.5 basis indicate 0.470%and the 30- year JGB yield increased 0.5 basis indicate 0.680

The 40- year JGB yield increased one basis indicate 0.730%.

The standard 10- year yield got over night as stock exchange rallied on optimism about the general public health effect of the Omicron coronavirus variation.

The 10- year JGB yield was flat at 0.060%.

The two-year JGBs were not traded and the yield stayed at minus 0.100%, while the five-year yield was flat at minus 0.090%.

Benchmark 10- year JGB futures fell 0.04 indicate 151.83, with a trading volume of 6,994 lots. (Reporting by Tokyo markes group)


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