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Extinct NBA star and now freshman stroll-on golfer at North Carolina A&T J.R. Smith has already had the conventional school journey of meeting fresh chums on campus, staying up unhurried finding out, meeting slice-off dates and finding out how to cook for yourself. Now, he goes to engage profit of his title and likeness.

In step with ESPN, Smith has signed a title, record and likeness (NIL) address Lululemon to become the face of the logo’s golf advertising and marketing campaign. 

Here’s a scrutinize at Smith in the Lululemon polo:

In January, Smith signed an NIL address Excel Sports Management.

It’s no shock he has penned NIL offers, as Smith has grown in recognition as a school golfer after his time spent in the NBA. Smith has documented his journey at school on Twitter, being start and ethical relating to the struggles of balancing the total lot.

Smith earned a 4.0 GPA in his first semester of college and favorite asserting, “I will no longer even characterize the sensation, I ain’t even gonna mislead you. I ain’t gonna lie. Reasonably about a labor went into that s— you know.” He’s now in semester two at the college.

In 2004, Smith skipped school and went objective from high school to the NBA. He decided to head benefit to college and construct a diploma as soon as his NBA profession got here to a shut.


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