She called insurrectionists strongly toppling the Capitol ‘patriots,’ but Ivanka Trump still supposedly believes she has a shot at the presidency. It starts with going to Biden’s inauguration.

Obviously, Ivanka Trump can’t read the space. President Donald Trump‘s oldest child, who serves as one of his advisors, believes that she’ll still one day be able to follow in her father’s footsteps and release her own White Home run. Ivanka, 39, who called the insurrectionists at Capitol Hill “patriots” on Twitter (because deleted), still thinks she has a “appealing political career,” according to a report from Day-to-day Mail

Yes, the same inauguration that her dad promised to avoid after months of whining that the election was taken through baseless allegations of citizen fraud. After the president encouraged his advocates on January 6 to act versus Democratic leaders who were accrediting Biden’s electoral votes, Ivanka is “doing whatever she can to save her credibility,” according to a source who spoke with outlet. Regardless of her daddy supposedly whining that participating in the inauguration would harm her relationship with his fanbase, Ivanka’s looking toward a non-MAGA future.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump speaks at a Trump rally Sarasota, Florida, 10/27/20(AP)

The very first child, who works as President Trump’s informal consultant and one of his closest confidants, allegedly believes that going to the inauguration will make her stumbled upon as “being an excellent support,” which would ultimately “acquire her future fans.” Still, that would mean Ivanka would have any advocates after 4 years of her daddy’s unsuccessful presidency.

While Ivanka has actually tried to paint herself as a different entity from her daddy, she’s a complicit member of his administration who has stuck by his side through all of his worst and unconscionable decisions, consisting of the DC siege. President Trump had actually simply talked to an infuriated crowd of his advocates and commanded them to march to the Capitol in his name. They toppled the Capitol, busting through barriers, beating Capitol Police officers with pipelines, smearing feces on the walls, and triggering a joint session of Congress to evacuate to security.

Ivanka Trump Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump joins her father at a project rally in North Carolina, 8/24/20(AP)

After tweeting and erasing that the pro-Trump insurgents were “patriots,” Ivanka tried to do damage control.
The White Home has actually not revealed if Ivanka will be attending Biden’s inauguration on January 20– or if she’s even welcomed. Vice President Mike Pence, who was in the Capitol managing Biden’s vote count throughout the insurrection, has confirmed that he will go to.


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