With the dispute in between Israel and the Palestinians intensifying, Newsweek welcomed visitors from both sides of the divide to a scandal sheet of The Dispute podcast.

The Dispute is a weekly podcast hosted by Josh Hammer, Newsweek‘s viewpoint editor, and Batya Ungar Sargon, the deputy viewpoint editor, and looks for to develop area for civil discussions about the most controversial concerns of our time. Today’s visitors are David Brog, the director of the Maccabee Job Force, and Omar Baddar, a member of the National Policy Council at the Arab American Institute. A quick excerpt of discussion is listed below.

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Excerpt from The Argument(gently modified for clearness):


Omar, I make sure some information about Israeli deals you, naturally, would disagree with. I desire to check out a quote here. This is a genuine quote. In 1974, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat stated: “We will never ever stop till we can return house and Israel is damaged. The objective of our battle is completion of Israel and there can be no compromise or mediations. We do not desire peace, we desire triumph.” Is that the PA Abbas position to this day? Or has it gotten has moved throughout the years? How does your response to that concern impact how you will react to David’s view of the decades-long dispute?

Omar Baddar:

Sure. I believe that all really meshes effectively here. I’ll offer you the modern-day example of that declaration. There is someone that I make sure you individuals understand. Marc Lamont Hill just recently provided a speech at the United Nations a number of years back and stated: “What we require is flexibility for Palestine from the river to the sea.” And there was instantly an allegation that was a call to violence versus Israel, which I believe is ridiculous. Since eventually, what individuals were speaking about prior to the facility of the State of Israel, “success” implied equality for everybody in the land. What was being challenged is the concept of a Jewish exclusivist state. That was what’s being proposed. The Palestinians did decline a deal for a two-state option.”

David Brog:

So there’s a great deal of I wish to react to, however I’ll begin with your concern. It’s what I stated previously: that there’s been an essential failure amongst those who have actually led the Palestinian nationwide motion. There were a lot of Palestinian nationalists who desired compromise and desired peace. Haj Amin al-Husseini killed many of them. Yasser Arafat did the very same. What you’re entrusted to were leaders who essentially did not reconcile themselves to the existence of Jews in the land and the justice of Israel’s self-reliance. And for that reason, even if they mouthed the words and to this day, Mahmoud Abbas will mouth words about peace. If you mouthed the words about peace, while dealing with the Israelis not as a native individuals with rights in the land that we need to make uncomfortable compromises with, however rather as foreign intruders with no rights, then you inform your individuals to decline peace. If the story held true, if the Israelis were foreign intruders without any rights, then I would combat them with whatever I had, too. I would not jeopardize with individuals without any rights in the land or no justice in the land. You need to inform individuals for peace. You need to lead your individuals towards a hard peace. The individuals who have actually taken management of the Palestinians have actually taken it in a various instructions.”

A Palestinian protester utilizes a slingshot to toss stones in the middle of clashes with Israeli security forces near the Hawara checkpoint south of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus on May 15, 2021, as Palestinians celebrate the Nakba, the “disaster” of Israel’s development in 1948, which turned numerous thousands into refugees. (Image by JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/ AFP) (
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