If green is, certainly, the color of cash, then The Challenge‘s brand-new powerhouse– Emerald Cell– is definitely doing its designated color justice and may be a good idea to prepare its savings account for a large deposit. Still, there’s a great deal of video game delegated play, and anything can alter, however is it possible Tori, Kaycee, Nany, Devin, Josh and Emanuel currently rank amongst the very best of the Challenge finest?

On tonight’s episode, all eyes were on the sixsome ahead of “Sunken Intelligence,” an objective that challenged each of the video game’s 3 groups to untangle a big, heavy rope that had actually been skillfully threaded through a sunken ship. With 3 triumphes to its name, Emerald Cell had actually left Emerald and Ruby Cells locked out from wins, and they were figured out to stay unbeaten.

And stay unbeaten, they did.

While spirits collapsed amongst the Red and Blue teams (Ashley called Sapphire Cell a “sh t sandwich,” while Emanuel compared Ruby’s efficiency to a shipwreck) Green just saw their team effort enhance, and after all was stated and done, Emerald Cell enhanced its record to 4-0, while Ruby and Sapphire Cells both was up to 0-4.

” Who wins 4 times in a row?” Devin asked. “This man … Have we been stopped? No.”

And the subsequent removal showed Emerald Cell may stay unstoppable. After Logan beat his fellow Ruby Cell colleague Cory in “Rope Burn,” a video game of tug-of-war played atop 2 halved spheres (bad men are most likely in for some ankle discomfort), he– like 3 Lair-winners prior to him– ignored to sign up with Season 37’s most effective group and, rather, defected to Sapphire Cell.

And Nany, who had actually hoped Emerald Cell would continue through the video game the same, breathed a sigh of relief. Still, she saw Sapphire Cell, a group now comprised of the video game’s just 2 staying champs and its 2 greatest novices, as a recently threatening obstruction.

” Emerald is a strong group,” she stated. “I enjoy my group, however with every removal, Sapphire Team gets more powerful and more powerful. We absolutely have some competitors.”

But can Emerald keep warding off its competitors? And if it can, would that make it the greatest Challenge group ever? Let’s not forget that Paula and Emily won 5 out of the very first 6 Rivals II objectives or that Coral did the very same on Fresh Meat And Battle of the Sexes 2‘s males won 13 out of 16 objectives, while The Inferno‘s Road Rules clothing just enabled Real World 4 triumphes of a possible16 Where do you believe Emerald Cell rests on the pantheon of the majority of dominant Challenge groups? Inform us your ideas, then capture Spies, Lies and Allies on Wednesday!

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