A Bachelor fan favorite may not have the season-ending that many audiences are expecting. Abigail Heringer, who is the very first deaf contestant in Bachelor franchise history, apparently won’t wind up with Matt James in the end. This could be excellent news, though, if she’ll still be single come the next Bachelorette season.

Heringer will open up to James on Monday night’s Bachelor episode, specifically about her hearing disability. In the deep conversation, Heringer informed James she wants to be a mommy, however can’t assure her children will not be born deaf, like herself and her sis.

” I’m likewise going to be as open with you, certainly, through this process,” Heringer told James in an exclusive clip released by Home Entertainment Tonight “You desire a better half and you desire a family, and you know I want those things too. If I were to have a family, there’s a truly strong possibility that my kids would be deaf.”

Abigail and Matt
Bachelor Matt James has a discussion with Abigail on “The Bachelor.” It’s rare that a fan favorite, such as Abigail, does not return for another season, be it “The Bachelorette” or “Bachelor in Paradise.”
Craig Sjodin/ABC

She continued. “My birth papa did abandon my mother and my sibling right after we got our cochlear implants,” she stated. “When you have what should have been one of the most essential individuals in your life go out, it’s tough not to seem like, If I fully open myself to somebody, are they going to do the same thing?”

Spoilers from Truth Steve reveal Heringer will complete this season in fifth location. That indicates she will leave right prior to James takes his last 4 females on hometown dates. While James may not have been her ideal match, we’re specific, if she’s open to it, Heringer will have a future on the Bachelor franchise.

It’s uncommon a fan favorite doesn’t return for another season, be it The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise It appears an apparent option to welcome Heringer to Paradise this summer, needs to she not be considered for The Bachelorette Viewers are already hoping the impairment advocate will be gifted her own season of the program. Each Monday, Twitter is flooded with requests for Heringer to distribute the roses next season.

Regardless of what the future holds for Heringer, on or off reality television, it’s reasonable to say she’s made a powerful action in altering the Bachelor franchise. She’s the first freely disabled entrant, and viewers have actually already applauded both Heringer and ABC for openly airing her story.

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