In context: If you are tired of always informing Siri to play tunes on your favored music app, iOS 14.5 is about to change that. Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system will enable users to set their preferred gamer as the default, eliminating the requirement to define an app to use.

Recently Apple rolled out a public beta for iOS 14.5. Among the very first new functions we saw was the capability to open your iPhone while wearing a mask– as long as you are wearing your Apple Watch– an extremely welcome addition throughout these continued mask mandates.

Apple is finally enabling users to change the default music app. Presently, if you ask Siri to play a tune, it will attempt discovering it in Apple’s native Music app. The users’ reply will end up being the default music gamer for subsequent Siri music requests.

Screenshot credit: matejamm1

Apple’s very first indicator that it was loosening its grip on forcing users to utilize its own apps came with iOS13 That version included a feature that allowed Siri to open non-native apps such as Spotify. Now users can say, “Hey Siri. Play Mozart with Spotify,” and it will do so. Quickly clarifying which app you want to utilize will be unneeded once the brand-new default is set. Bear in mind this is just in the beta and it is possible that Apple might pull it out at the last minute if it feels it’s not prepared.

Quickly after release last September, iOS 14 introduced the ability to alter the default e-mail and web browser apps. Up until then, tapping a link in a text message automatically opened it in Safari, and tapping an e-mail address opened Apple’s Mail app to compose.

Although it has been can be found in drips, it does seem that Apple is edging toward opening its walled garden a bit to provide users more control. How far it means to open those gates remains to be seen.

Image credit: Kaspars Grinvalds


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