Briefly: DuckDuckGo portrays itself as a defender of user privateness by its search engine and browser. Then all another time, a security researcher has stumbled on the firm has an agreement with Microsoft that attaches asterisks to that promise. DuckDuckGo has since defended its relationship with Microsoft, which it is making an try to amend.

Change: DuckDuckGo reached out to us for some clarification even supposing our customary legend modified into correct. Then all another time, we sign there will be some confusion between DuckDuckGo, the quest engine, and DuckDuckGo’s browser apps. CEO Gabriel Weinberg published a long submit on Reddit which explains in greater ingredient what’s occurring for those that’re fervent.

The DuckDuckGo browser is supposed to block trackers from advertisers that sell and change user files. Then all another time, earlier this week, security researcher Zack Edwards stumbled on that it enables Microsoft to be conscious files by LinkedIn and Bing advert domains.

DuckDuckGo’s location has a page admitting that it has an agreement permitting Microsoft to get adverts subsequent to head looking out results. It says Microsoft doesn’t retailer advert-click on habits files or expend it to profile customers but doesn’t imprint the trackers sending files by LinkedIn and Bing.

For non-search tracker blockading (eg in our browser), we block most third-occasion trackers. Sadly our Microsoft search syndication agreement prevents us from doing extra to Microsoft-owned properties. Then all another time, we were consistently pushing and inquire to be doing extra soon.

— Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) Could perchance also 23, 2022

In accordance with those claims, DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg admitted its agreement with Microsoft forces it to permit that firm’s trackers. Weinberg predictably asserts that his firm is gentle extra private than diverse browsers since it blocks most non-Microsoft third-occasion trackers. DuckDuckGo is negotiating with Microsoft to select out out away that clause and can relish to gentle switch the cell browser’s app retailer page descriptions to repeat customers greater.

This dispute relates fully to DuckDuckGo’s browser. The search engine, on the contrary, doesn’t give Microsoft special therapy. It factual goes to indicate that it is potentially very unlikely to remain entirely anonymous on-line, despite the indisputable reality that some safety will be greater than none.


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